Tuesday, 27 August 2019

My Holiday in Rome and What Went Wrong

After getting passports for myself and children, I decided to go to Rome.

I had seen pictures of Rome on travel sites, adorned with the beautiful Coliseum, the Vatican museums, the Spanish Steps and Trevi Fountain. Dining at a trattoria in a piazza seemed the perfect way to end the day. And then there is the history.
I read numerous blogs about Rome and garnered brochures from travel agents. It seemed the perfect place to go.
But I had school holidays to consider, which meant I had to go in August. I wasn’t happy about the thought of the heat and crowds.
I booked a week in mid-August, concerned about the public holiday of Ferrogosto, which occurs on 15th August, where apparently many places close. Read about my experience of theFerragosto here.
Due to unforeseen circumstances, I spent over ten days in Rome instead of the planned seven.
During this time, I learned a lot about Rome that the travel brochures and promotional blogs don’t tell you.
Crowds around the Trevi Fountain

The Colosseum in Rome

Crowds on the Spanish Steps Rome
Romulus, twin with Remus founded Rome