Thursday, 21 October 2010

The Best Jewellery to Buy a Girlfriend

Buying jewellery for a girlfriend can be a tricky business if the boyfriend is unsure of the girl’s tastes. A grumpy gift buying mood may result in cheap or showy jewellery that resembles costume jewellery. What are the best jewels for a girlfriend?

Dos and Don’ts of Buying Jewellery

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Shopping around for the most suitable jewellery is often a minefield if the boyfriend thinks one piece of jewellery looks much like another. But there are important guidelines to finding the perfect jewellery for a girlfriend. The following tips on buying jewellery may help:
  • Filigree detail on a delicate piece of jewellery such as a charm or bracelet can create a great focal point that may echo her complex character such as Celtic knots, and yet a simple design with minimal detail can look classy and sophisticated such as freshwater pearls.
  • Consider the colour of the jewellery. Certain stones have symbolic meanings, including birthstones or even the colour of the stone. If the girlfriend is inclined to such things, it might be worth conducting a little research into the meaning of stones or gems and how they relate to the date of her birth. The birthstone for January, for example, is garnet; the birthstone for November is topaz.
  • The colour of the girlfriend’s complexion or eyes may dictate the colour of the jewellery selected. Deep blue may compliment violet eyes; yellow gold will look good with hazel.
  • Beware of allergic reactions that may stem from metal amalgam. Ensure the jewellery is at least plaited gold or silver, to minimise irritation.
  • Part of the gift is in the packaging. It is worth spending a little extra on a classy gift box and having it nicely gift wrapped.
Personalised Jewellery for Girlfriends

Personalised jewellery can mean many things. A small locket on a chain harbouring a treasured photo cannot fail to touch the heart, particularly on a romantic occasion. But jewellery that says something about the girl’s lifestyle, hobbies or passion will also show that thought had gone into its selection. Such examples are jewellery designs exhibiting a beloved musical instrument, or a breed of cat. I have discovered that a piece of jewellery can be found to reflect just about any preoccupation, regardless of how odd, including kayaking or antique collecting,

Inexpensive Jewellery for Her

Most will agree that girlfriends love diamond jewellery, but sadly, most boyfriends’ budgets cannot stretch that far. However, classy jewellery can be found at reasonable prices. Examples are sterling silver, gold plated and yellow gold. A fine chain punctuated with an intricate design can look stylish and elegant. And in a chic gift box, will earn a few brownie points for the boyfriend. To add something special and novel to the gift packaging, the boyfriend may enclose a crystallised flower within the giftbox which will make the jewellery gift look more special. Crystallised flowers are cheap and easy to make, and instructions can be found on the link at the foot of this article.

Which Jewels Make Her Happy

A gift of jewellery that shows that thought had been invested in its selection will reap rewards. A personalised charm or bracelet, that says something about her hobbies, or one that harbour a photograph will make her feel special. Pay attention to the stone selected or the style of the jewellery to ensure it bears some meaning to her. Avoid garish or showy jewellery that tends to look cheap. And finally, ensure it is gift wrapped in a smart box. These simple guidelines will help take the headache out of buying jewellery for a girlfriend.

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