Friday, 18 November 2011

Science Toys for Kids without the Fuss

Buying science toys for children may conjure images of ghastly goo or fiddly components to drive you up the wall. But learning toys of this nature seem president to getting your kids ‘ahead’ in school. But it needn’t be that way. Smart science kits for kids can be found to suit you as well as the child, regarding cost, setup and fun.

The Best Science Learning Toys for Children

Elenco’s Snap Circuits 300, a Lego-type toy is a great way of learning electronics the easy way. With great reviews, this learning kit helps kids learn about physics, electronics and circuitry. Just follow the instructions in the manual to build FM radios, burglar alarms, voice recorders and much more. No tools required, components snap together. Snap Circuits range include junior, pro, extreme and with computer interface.

Other electronic learning kits in the Snap Circuits range include Snap Circuits Electromagnetism, which teaches kids the difference between a standard magnet and an electromagnet. No fiddly tools needed as all components fit together and can be used as an add-on to any Snap Circuit toy.

Educational Science Kits for Children

Learning Resources’ Primary Learning Set includes real science equipment scaled down for small hands, like tweezers, test tubes, goggles, funnel, eyeglass, dropper and more. Clear activity cards instruct young scientists from age 6 up on how to conduct science experiments such as mixing colours and producing volcanoes, great for helping children learn about the world about us.

Learning Kits on Science for Kids

Winner of Parents’ Choice Award, Science Explorer’s Mind Blowing Science Kit for Young Scientists contains just about everything kids need to conduct experiments from recreating a sunset in a test tube to crystal growing. Be warned, some parent supervision is required at the risk of learning something and getting involved yourself. Some experiments take a few hours to complete, but then mum/dad can go off and watch TV or read.

Which is the Best Science Toy for Boys and Girls?

Other science kits with excellent reviews include Be Amazing Lab-in-a-bag Test Tube Wonders, Scientific Explorer Ultimate Gum Kit and Sciencewiz Chemistry Experiments and Book. Look out for mess control and parent supervision factors.

Toys to Help Kids Learn

Toysmith provide a range of science kits for kids wishing to learn about the earth, including Solar Science and Clean Water Science. The Toysmith 4 M Weather Station Kit is ideal for learning about the weather without fuss or mess with an easy-to-assemble weather station kit that educates kids about the greenhouse effect and weather changes.

Choosing the Best Science Kit for Kids

When choosing a science kit look out for fuss and mess factor. If you don’t mind supervising your kids regarding such things, then all well and good, but many kits require little or no supervision. Snap Circuits and the Toysmith range for example are likely to keep your kids happily diverted with very little input from yourself.

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