Wednesday, 13 January 2016

My Horrible Hair Loss Story: Hypothyroidism Symptoms Due to Candida Albicans

Sections of my scalp were showing more than they should in my fiftieth year. These were penny-sized patches around the top of my crown. There is no alopecia nor hair growth disorders in my family and I have had reasonably thick hair all my life, although my hair does fall out more than it should during my periods.

Woman’s Hair Thinning

Hair Loss around Scalp
However, these small bald patches were completely new to me. Never has my scalp been exposed in this way. Looking at my hair was like looking at a stranger’s scalp. From a woman’s point of view, the experience was horrible and frightening.

This hair loss occurred suddenly in March 2015 when I first noticed that sections of my scalp had developed small lesions due to dry, flaky skin, which started to peel and weep. After a while, the lesions crusted over into dry, hard lumps which looked incapable of growing new hair. My skin is itchy with dry patches on other parts of the body.

Candida and Autoimmune Disorders

I also have dry eyes and mouth. I had been referred to a dermatologist who told me I have eczema. A rheumatologist also suspected I have Sjogren’s Syndrome. This is an autoimmune disorder which causes dry mouth and eyes. With all this, I have symptoms similar to hypothyroidism, although tests show normal amounts of thyroxin.

After looking up the causes of female hair loss, have learned that hormone imbalances, diet and stress can cause hypothyroid-type symptoms typical of hair loss. The hair loss can also occur some weeks after the cause, which might be a traumatic event such as an operation.

Signs of Hair Growth
In my case, hair loss was only part of my symptoms which are many: dry eyes, skin, hair loss, bloating, fatigue, migraines, bloatedness, irritability, oral thrush, private itching and more. However, it was the bald patches in my scalp and terribly dry eyes that spurred me to begin the candida diet. This is a regime where you cut out bread, refined sugars and junk food that feed the yeast in your gut and compromise your immune system. Over time, this crappy diet will wreak havoc upon your adrenals, liver and pancreas, bringing hypothyroidism type symptoms and in some cases, hair loss.

Candida Diet and Hair Loss

After surfing the Net, have found a connection between the yeast fungus and the symptoms I have been suffering. Candida Albicans is a hellish disease that robs your life and energy. It starts insidiously and then takes more and more. Throughout my twenties I have been plagued with migraines, tiredness and troublesome periods. I thought this ‘normal’, as many women have these symptoms during menstruation.

But in later years, new symptoms have materialized: dry eyes with one eyelid drooping more than the other, hair loss and snuffly sinuses with no cause (No asthma, hayfever or colds). For no reason I would begin sneezing and fail to taste my food like I should.

The hair loss was the last straw. The photos show bald patches around my crown after the lesions in my scalp has healed. The hair has yet to grow back properly.

Roughly 2 months later, hair growing back
It appeared the yeast had become systemic, causing leaky gut syndrome, or fungal dysbiosis. This means that the yeast had become so entrenched in the intestinal wall, that the tissues became semi-permeable, allowing matter into the bloodstream. Candida invades parts of the body it shouldn’t. Immune disorders, allergies and adrenal exhaustion are the result.

The photos were taken on day 25 of my candida diet. Since day 1 of my candida diet, I have begun nourishing my scalp with a little coconut oil after washing. I avoid anything but the mildest soap. I have now cut carby foods including grains, fruit and junk. I have millet, quinoa or porridge for breakfast. I make my own flatbreads from chickpea or buckweat flour. Otherwise, I eat lots of veg, lean meat, plain Greek yoghurt, coconut products and nuts. I also take probiotics and antifungal agents.

On day twenty of my diet, my oral thrush has retreated, but is still hanging around. I still itch and I am still tired with dry, puffy eyes. I guess my hair will take some time to show any signs of growth, and pray that it does grow back.