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The Stress of Finding an Ideal Gift Idea for Newborn Baby

A family member or friend has just had a baby and you probably know as much about babies as the roosting habits of bats! An assumption reflex may spur you to trawl the nearest Mothercare or ToysRUs and buy some cute toys, dummies and a rattle. Such a rushed effort may not be appreciated by new mum or the baby. What are the best gifts for a newborn baby?

What Not to Get a New Born Baby

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Having a new baby puts a new perspective onto what presents to buy someone else’s new baby and, indeed, the main carer. The aforementioned baby gifts are unlikely to be of much help or appreciated. My viewpoint is rather than get curtsey, showy and useless gifts such as trinkets, ornaments or pretty photo albums, opt for useful and life-enhancing. Baby will care little for the cute teddy bears on a photoframe if he/she is in the grips of colic, hunger or thirst. Baby cares only about comfort and cuddles from a functioning mum who may or may not be in postnatal depression. So my viewpoint is, get something that will make life easier for the family and makes motherhood easier.

Gift Ideas for New Baby

So, with this in mind, what are the best gifts for a baby and mum? Well, baby can never have too many vests or babygrows. (make sure they are for newborn, unless baby is 9lbs plus), add wipes, bibs, nappies, little booties, gloves and hat to keep baby warm during trips out in the buggie. (OK, so these gifts may be cute if you want them to). Make sure no one else has brought these present ideas, but baby can never have too many vests, baby grows or nappies!

Gifts for Baby’s Sleep

Baby’s sleeping habits will become the main concern of the mum, as mum will kip when baby does, and nights can be difficult. Consider relaxing cot mobiles for baby. These are simply toys that suspend over the cot. Baby will have something to look at (little animals or figurines) in the quiet evening hours. Relaxing cot mobiles will sometimes play a little tune and project lights onto the ceiling helping baby to fall asleep.

Gift Ideas for Little Ones

Comfort is paramount to baby and parents. This makes cot blankets, cot sheets, Moses basket and baby carriers great gift ideas for infants. Baby loves to be close to mum, and a suitable baby carrier will enable mum to do things hands-free. A teething ring will give baby’s gums something to work on during the burgeoning of first teeth, which can occur as early as three months.

Consider also baby bottles and teats set, bottle steriliser, cool bag or indeed a travel bag to store baby paraphernalia. Make sure the baby travel bag is roomy and has plenty of compartments for spare nappies, a travel mat, cool bag, bibs and change of clothes.

Unusual Gift Ideas for Baby

Seldom-thought of gifts can come in very useful for new baby, such as a fly net. This fine mesh can be placed over the buggie or pushchair and keep flies and insects from baby. Baby can also nod off in the buggie in peace. Clip-on toys for a baby buggie will give something for baby to play with at whilst on the go. This might include a clip-on abacus or windmill.

Gift Ideas for Baby Girl or Baby Boy?

Really, there is little difference between the ideal gifts to get a baby boy or girl when it comes to needs. Colours and themes will impact little on baby's life. Pinks and mauves are thought to be great for girls; blues and greens for boys. Yellow, white and cream can be either, and such colours can come in very useful if unsure of the sex of the baby. Baby will care little either way, so long as the item is, soft and offers some comfort for baby.

The Best Gift for Baby Ever

Lastly, remember the parents. Mum might love reading crime novels or enjoy a pamper now and again. A mystery thriller or relaxing bath salts will convey the message that mum is not to be forgotten. New dad might appreciate a relaxing music CD to play in the car whilst driving baby around in the carseat. Such complementary gifts will make an average gift for baby into a great gift for a new family. Remember to buy a gift that says something about what you know about the parent including tastes.

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