Sunday, 18 November 2012

Traditional Toy Gift Ideas for Kids in a Gadget Crazy World

That time of year has come round again, whether it is Christmas or birthdays and when it comes to gifts for kids, the world seems to have gone gadget mad. Kids apparently can no longer just sit and play cards, monopoly or dominoes. They are even loathe to use a paint brush or read a book. There is an array of computer gadget gifts for kids such as Leapster toys, Nintendoes, Netbooks, mobile phones, Gameboys and even tablets for kids. What simple toy will provide the perfect gift to keep kids amused and a taste of the traditional toy?

Creative Toys for Kids: Pressie Ideas

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I remember when the Spacehopper, jigsaws, Twister, traditional marbles and card games seemed more than enough to keep kids happy. I still believe simple hands-on toys are essential for kids’ development and...well simply practices the use or hands rather than a texting-finger. And why not go back to that bygone era? Recommended non-electronic toys include etch-a-sketch, playdough, Crayola sets, connect 4 and Scrabble.

Best Learning Toys for Kids’ Coordination

Strategic games will exercise kids’ logic and reasoning and also exercise forward thinking. Anticipating a game several steps ahead forces kids to organise their thoughts and concentration skills. Examples of such games are chess, draughts, dominoes and card games. A little poker, trumps or gym rummy never hurt anyone! Insist the kids don’t cheat play these games online! The physical version of such games forces kids to use their hands rather than a mouse. A Rubik’s cube has to be ultimate in a toy to exercise the hand muscles.

Toys to Encourage Hand to Eye Coordination in Kids

Construction toys are great for practicing creative skills and coordination. Lego, Meccarno and sticklebricks are old favourites. Get the generic box kits and kids are forced to come up with their own creations, which might be a Lego landscape or tower. Meccarno are suitable for older kids, as they require more dexterity. Build more complex structures such as suspension bridges and rockets.

Classic Toys for Children

Playhouses for girls are a great old favourite, and great designs can be found at little cost. I prefer the doll’s houses with pretty Edwardian frontages that open out so that kids can really get their heads into each room and pretend they are the residents. Or how about a pirate ship or castle for boy? Look out for interesting small parts and sound effects to enhance kids’ imaginary world. Alternative mini worlds might be a farm set or mini village.

Games for Role Play for Kids

Operation was an old favourite game for kids wanna be doctors. Utmost care is needed to place or remove organs from a plastic human body. Cluedo is a strategic game for kids where they must play detective to determine if Colonel Mustard or Miss Scarlet used a lead piping or candlestick holder to conduct the deed in whatever room.

Traditional Family Games for Holiday Season

Trivial Pursuit has to be the ultimate game to get the whole family involved. But if such games are not handy, go for the minimalist approach and play a little Charades or I Spy. Failing that, see which kid can guess which grandparent will fall asleep first on Christmas afternoon. The Holiday season will whizz past.

Classic Toys for Kids

Going back to a bygone era of toys is a good way of getting kids off the computer or latest gadget craze. Old favourites are still popular today, such as card games, dominoes, monopoly, Twister, Lego, Meccarno or role play toys such as Operation. Buying a simple toys game from a bygone era is a great alternative to the usual gadget gift for a special occasion, be it Christmas or birthday.

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