Sunday, 3 October 2010

Fun but Scary Halloween Games for Kids

The key to a great Halloween bash is one with thrilling games that kids can enjoy. As a busy mum who is loathe to lengthy groundwork, I prefer to host games that provide minimal preparation and work. I also like to join in now and again. Here are a few ideas for Kids’ Halloween games.

Monster Statues Halloween Game

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This is a game adapted from musical statues, but the children may take the persona of a favoured monster or ghoul, be it Dracula, a werewolf, Frankenstein or a witch. All that is required are masks, made by the children of course, during a craft activity earlier in the day. Dressing up clothes may be used too if any are available.

The children must move in the manner of the monster chosen to the music, which could be a zombie gait or a monster shuffle. But when the music stops, the children must stop in exactly the bodily position that occurs at that moment. The position must be retained for up to 30 seconds, during which the observer must look for any wobble. The children that remain motionless may continue, but otherwise, must sit out the remainder of the game. The winner gets a prize. Another popular game that can be adapted to a Halloween theme is pin the nose on the Pumpkin.

Spooky Halloween Game with Skeletons

Another fun Halloween game that requires minimal planning and resources, but yielding lots of fun is hunting for skeleton parts. This can easily be arranged by concealing skeleton bones around the house. Plastic skeletons with detachable parts can be obtained cheaply and easily around Halloween. The children, in teams of two, just need to find the skeleton parts, before attaching them. The first team to complete the task wins. Skeletons can be substituted for plastic body parts or a simple jigsaw showing a Halloween scene for variety.

Adaptation of What’s the Time Mr Wolf?

The game “What’s the time Mr Wolf?” can be substituted to any monster the host wishes from to a zombie to a witch, but in this example, it can be a hungry monster. The person playing the monster, wearing a monster mask, stands face averted to the other children. The object is to creep up on the monster without making a noise. But before doing so, the children must ask, “What’s the time Mr Monster? The person playing the monster may make any reply. But if the monster says, “twelve o’clock it’s time for lunch,” the monster may turn and chase the other children. Those that are caught before reaching “den” at the other end of the room are out. The child who manages to creep up on the monster first may play the monster next time.

Simple Halloween Game for Kids

A game, mentioned in an earlier post is Mummy Wrap. And no, it doesn’t have to involve mummy, but mummy can join in if kids insist. Two teams must wrap a child each in toilet roll until the child is concealed from head to toe, and so resembling an Egyptian mummy. The one who completes the task first is the winner. To make clearing up easy for mum, the child who unwraps his or her mummy first gets a bonus prize.

Guess the Gruesome Object

For extra thrills, the host may place a simple object in a large cardboard box or tube with holes cut in each end. The guesser must place the hands inside the holes and guess the object. The twist is the host can place an object that could easily be something more sinister. A wet flannel or a wig could easily be a dismembered hand or a hairy spider. The guesser must try to overcome the suggestions of the cruel host and guess the object. (All objects must be harmless and mundane.)

Halloween Party Game Ideas for Kids

Other party games can provide fun, such as pumpkin bowling (pretty self explanatory) or relay races with “batons” consisting of gruesome body parts or skeleton bones (plastic of course), or gourds painted to resemble witches faces.

Favourite Halloween Party Games

Great party games for kids will make any Halloween party a winner. With just a few simple resources and minimal preparation, the kids are likely to experience a party to remember. Keeping kids entertained by preparing their own materials will help create a Halloween party with more fun value, whilst at the same time, leave less for mum to do.

Image credit: Charles F Lester