Sunday, 20 November 2011

Creative Gifts for Budding Authors and Artists of Junior Age

All kids are prodigies in the eyes of the parents. Whether this is really the case or not, why not foster the fantasy with some great creative gifts to increase kids’ self-esteem? Whether you have a young Einstein, Austen or Michelangelo there can be found award winning gift ideas for young kids to fulfil their fantasy. Here are a few suggestions.

Gifts for Young Authors

For budding authors, why not try the IlluStory Make Your Own Story Kit. Kids can create their own book after writing and illustrating their own ideas. This award-winning creative gift for kids includes an author bio, blurb, dedication page and title page, just like a real published book. Once the child has completed the manuscript, send off via a prepaid envelope and just wait a few weeks. The final book will measure 7x9in and is 12 pages deep. Copies can be ordered for friends, family and even teachers as a keepsake. The book can alternatively be created online via the Creations By You website. The result is a professional-looking hardback with typesetting and illustrations that cannot be differentiated from the real thing.

Artistic Creative Gifts for Kids

A beginner’s kit for artists might be an ideal Christmas gift such as the Royal and Langnickel Acrylic Painting Art Easel Set. It has a fully-adjustable table easel with storage drawers, 12 tubes of acrylics, 4 brushes, acrylic artboards, canvas carry bag and more. Acrylics paints are watersoluble paints that are easy to clean and odourless. The serious beginner might like to try the Easel Artist Set All Media 100 Pieces, which contains all manners of art related mediums within an adjustable box easel, with drawers and artist’s palette.

3D Creative Gifts for Christmas

The Complete Pottery Tool Set by Royal and Langnickel might be ideal for the child who likes to experiment with clay. Contains a ribbon cutting tool, sponge steel kidney scraper, potters rib and more. This kit does not include air-drying clay but which can be purchased from Craft Direct. Kids can create relief images with some cheap scoring tools for Sgraffito effects.

Musical Gifts for Children

Kids with an ear for music might benefit from access to a musical instrument from an early age. Acoustic guitars can be found with or without cutaways and at cheap prices. It is advisable to try it out in the shop as some guitars can sound tinny.

Flutes can be pricey, but used ones can be found at cheap prices. Just check that the keys still move freely and there are no signs of rust around the moving parts. Other musical instruments such as the violin or keyboard are popular, but care is needed that the musical instrument is the right size for the child and that special needs are catered for, for example, plastic guitar strings might be preferable to steel ones if the child’s fingers are sensitive.

Creative Tools for Learning

Young kids who exhibit a talent would benefit from a creative gift that encourages that particular talent, whether it is artistic or musical. The secret is to find the present that is tailored to the child in that it is not too difficult or easy, and that the child experiences a sense of achievement after a period of pleasant diversion. This will prevent frustration.

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