Monday, 25 January 2016

Does Oregano Oil Get rid of Candida Albicans? My Oral Thrush Experiment

Oregano is a hard shrubby perennial that is related to the mint. It has a strong, aromatic flavour which is why it used in cooking, particularly pasta dishes. But oregano also has medicinal properties used since the Romans. It has been used to treat athlete’s foot, urinary infections, colds, an insect repellent and even to clean the home.

This is because oregano oil is supposed to have antifungal and antiseptic properties. It would seem oregano oil is the ideal treatment for candida, a nasty yeast overgrowth can lives in the gut of stressed or junk-eating people. But is this just another one of those so-called miracle cures that is supported by claims all over the Net?

Having suffered with candida albicans for many years, I decided to give oregano oil a go.

Medicinal Properties of Oil of Oregano

Does Oregano Oil Work?
After purchasing a bottle, I learned that oil of oregano is distilled from its flowers and dark green leaves when the oil content is at its highest. The oil has a golden brown colour and the aroma is strong enough to permeate the gel coating. When in contact with skin or the tongue, the oil can irritate. This is why I take a little coconut oil with the capsule.

Treatment for Thrush

I brought a month’s supply from my local health shop. I took one capsule per day with a meal as advised. However, oregano oil is so powerful, I am told it can kill not only the bad bacteria but also the beneficial flora in the gut. Could oregano oil have the same effect as the NHS’ industrial antibiotic? I wasn’t sure.

Despite this, I took my probiotics and ate plain yoghurts, but kept these separate to my dose of oregano oil. (I took my oregano oil in the morning with breakfast, so I would take probiotics later in the day). This kept the two opposing forces separate from one another.

It also unfair to expect oregano oil to counter a bad diet of sugar, alcohol and fast food. In this vein, I had cut refined sugar, alcohol and other junk from my diet four weeks earlier. In order to keep the results faithful, I did not begin taking oregano oil until day 28 of my diet. This prevents results of the oregano oil from being ‘masked’ by my change in diet.

Despite cleaning up my diet, a light yeasty coating persisted on my tongue, even a month later. The thrush had cleared a little since beginning my diet, but not enough.

Oil of Oregano Versus Penicillin

It should be noted here, that shortly after beginning my candida diet, I had taken a course of antibiotics. It could not be avoided, but doing so educated me firsthand on the Napalm effect of traditional antibiotics. Shortly after completing my course of amoxicillin, my tongue was completely clear. However, as you may have guessed, the yeasty coating returned via a light coating. It has never really cleared since. Having said that, the coating could have been worse had I continued eating my high sugar diet.

I shall return with the final results of my experiment with the oregano oil, but for now, my oral thrush continues to linger via a light coating. It seems amoxicillin is a big killer of yeast (if only temporarily).

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