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How Too Much Omega 6 is Bad for Health

The Dangers of Excessive Polyunsaturated Fats in the Diet

An anti-saturated fat campaign has been waging for years, but perhaps consideration ought to be given to other dietary fats, which in some ways exceed the health risks.

The conventional view is that any unsaturated fat is better for health than saturated fat. Subsequent research has proved that it is not so simple.

What is Unsaturated Fat?

Saturated fat is solid at room temperature, and derives from animal sources such as meat and dairy. Unsaturated fat is mostly liquid at room temperature. Most unsaturated fats are derived from vegetables, nuts and seeds.

The Question of Polyunsaturated  or Monounsaturated Fat

What is Polyunsaturated fat?

Unsaturated fats can be further divided into two types:

Monounsaturated fat. This fat is derived from nuts and seeds. Examples include olive oil, flaxseed oil and walnut oil.
Polyunsaturated fat.  This fat is known as vegetable oil. Examples include sunflower oil, soybean oil and corn oil.

Although both types of fats are liquid at room temperature and are therefore classed as oils, they both have very different impacts upon health.

The Dietary Fats That Raise Cholesterol and Encourage Heart Disease

All fatty acids consist of carbon chains of fatty acids. These fatty acids are linked together by “double bonds.” The monounsaturated fats are linked by a single double bond, hence, “mono.” These links are stable and are therefore not highly reactive within the body.

Polyunsaturated fats are linked together by multiple double bonds, hence “poly.” This means that the chains are less stable and could react within the tissues of the body like free radicals.

Fats That Oxidizes Cholesterol
Extra Virgin Olive Oil Cold Pressed is best for heatlh
The danger to the body is the instability of the polyunsaturated fat, which is highly reactive within the cells. The effect this has is akin to the oxidizing effect that oxygen has upon metal, turning it to rust. Oxidized cholesterol causes the platelets of the blood to stick together and the LDL cholesterol to “rust.” It is this that damages the arteries and hardens the walls, so hindering blood flow.

How Too Little Omega-3 and Too Much Omega 6 Causes Inflammation in the Body

Because polyunsaturated fats are highly reactive, it causes inflammatory reactions within the body too. According to the University of Maryland Medical Centre, the traditional Western diet contains far too much omega 6, which is present in polyunsaturated oils. In small amounts, omega 6 is beneficial to health. However, too much in the long run will contribute to heart disease, arthritis, cancer and depression. The inflammatory effect of too much omega 6 also suppresses the body’s immune system.

Vegetable Oil That is Not a Healthy Alternative to Saturated Fat

Not so long ago, vegetable oil was thought to be a healthy alternative to saturated fat. Subsequent research has painted a very different picture. Sunflower oil still is a popular choice for cooking. However, using olive oil at a low temperature is a healthier alternative. In the long run, this will help prevent heart disease, strokes and raised cholesterol.

Thursday, 16 June 2016


Chronic migraine has hampered a large part of my adult life, sometimes occurring twice every month. As the pain is not confined to the head, I believe this horrible condition is part of something bigger. This is why I feel the definition ‘a bad headache’ is terribly inaccurate.

This inspired me to write my second book, ‘Migraine: Part of Something Bigger…’ under my pen name, Phoebe Greene, dedicated to the sufferer of migraines.

Help for the Migraineur

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After suffering a health crisis, where various ‘gremlins’ began to sap the quality from my life, including hair loss and chronic fatigue, I decided to conduct dietary trials which inspired me to write my first book, Low Body Temperatures but Not Hypothyroid. One of the aims of my research was migraine elimination.

My second book concentrates solely upon preventing migraines. Snippets of information from my first book can be found where applicable, but the subject of migraines is covered in much greater depth.

With dozens of photos and illustrations and over 15,000 words, this book provides an easy but in-depth read on how migraines occur and how they can be prevented.

Body Temperatures and Migraines

The Migraine Trust and the NHS state that the cause of migraines is ultimately unknown, but I have unearthed the chief triggers to be:

Estrogen dominance
Overproduction of the stress hormones cortisol, adrenaline and noradreline
And candida albicans.

Between them, they wreak havoc upon the endocrine system, exhausting the adrenals and deflating the output of other hormones throughout the body. Further, a sugary diet, stress and chemicals in certain products overload the liver, which underperforms because the body’s thermogenesis is malfunctioning.

Little surprise such a huge upheaval has repercussions in the form of migraine.

Supported by scholarly articles and authorative websites, I discovered a way of reducing the incidence and intensity of my migraines to a point where they now seldom occur.  Hormonal equilibrium is key. I believe most migraineurs can also do the same.

Find also a guide to the endocrine system, a guide to other treatment for migraines and an anti-migraine diet.

This book on migraines is a must for migraine sufferers.

Monday, 30 May 2016

LOW BODY TEMPERATURES BUT NOT HYPOTHYROID: The Phoebe Greene Diet: How I Restored my Thermogenesis and Lost Weight

And I had banished my migraines, thrush, hair loss, dry eyes and fatigue. Hypothyroidism had seemed the culprit, but my thyroid function was normal. So if low thyroxin had not been the cause, what was?

Well, health niggles can be explained away to seasonal affective disorder (SAD), borderline diabetes, food intolerances or an autoimmune disorder. However, blood tests and visits to specialists fail to be conclusive. After I started losing my hair, I disposed of my cabinet of medication, and took a different route.

Before and after devising my Phoebe Greene Diet to combat health gremlins
The images show improvements to my health after making changes: flaky, itchy skin, recurrent conjunctivitis, hair loss and a stubborn spare tyre around my middle.

trialed various diets to see if any would improve my basal body temperatures and get rid of these symptoms. The aim was to eradicate my candida problem, which I believed underlied my sluggish metabolism which I found out might be caused by:

Estrogen dominance: due to high-sugar diet and xenoestrogen intake.
Cortisol dominance due to excess physical, emotional and work stress.
Candidiasis: due to high sugar and junk diets.

Nutritional gaps in the poor Western diet.

The diets I trailed were: the PH diet, the low carb diet and the anti-candida diet.

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After 50 days of testing diets and health supplements on this blog, I discovered that these diets actually lowered my body temperatures even more. The antifungal supplements and probiotics also did not work unless the body’s temperature had been restored.

I now have published my new book in order to share with you what I have learned after keeping fastidious records of how various foods impacted upon my basal body temperature on this blog.

This book is written for those who suffer the health-gremlins without a known cause despite health checks and blood tests.

You will find the hard truths here, one of which is that your health is not that far away.

With 30,000 words and over 100 images.

Note: always seek the advice of your doctor or specialist before making changes to your medication, diet, exercise or lifestyle.

Sunday, 1 May 2016

Why You Shouldn’t Use Curry’s PC World and Know

Curry’s PC World and Know How between them offer awful customer service. This is what happened to me.

My old oven having packed in, I ordered a new oven on 10 December 2015 from Curry’s PC World in plenty of time for Christmas and New Year.

My money went out of my account on the same day and I received a confirmation email that informed me my oven would arrive on Tuesday 15 December 2015 between 7 and 7 (outlined in red on the screenshot).

Curry's confirmation email. Highlighted in red is the delivery date of my oven.

Great, I thought. Just in time for Christmas and New Year. I can now invite my family and friends round!

I waited all day and my oven did not turn up.

I tried to contact Curry’s/PC World via their phone numbers, 0344 5611234 and 0344 5610000, but the options did not enable me to speak to a person.

Surprise, surprise!

Instead, I had to go through the automated message rigmarole that requested a 10 digit number beginning with 74 or a 6 digit number. I wasn’t supplied with either.

Surprise, surprise!

I emailed Curry’s/PC World instead, hoping to get a human response.

My email to Curry's

My email got no reply.

Surprise, surprise!

But then, on 16 December 2015, I got a confusing email informing me my order was prepared for delivery. No reference to my email.

Curry;s confusing email

Errr, what?

Again, I was not supplied with a reference number to investigate what Curry’s/PC World were on about.

Then on 17 December 2015, I was telephoned by Curry’s PC/World to be told that there had been a cockup about my order. My oven will not arrive until January 17 2016.

Is this a joke?

The ‘man’ then blithely supplied me with the 10 digit reference number I should have been given from the start. This number is used to track my order via

What good is that number now? I will have to cancel all my Christmas and New Year Arrangements.

Disappointed, I asked for compensation for my ruined holiday period and for waiting in all day for a non-delivery when I could have been spending my day Christmas shopping.

All the man did was offer a paltry 10% compensation which I told him I thought insufficient.

I asked for his name so that I could begin complaints procedures and (this is exactly how it happened) the line crackled and went dead.

How strange that the line went dead at the precise moment he was going to give me his name. Hmmm.

I wrote a letter of complaint to Curry’s/PC World on 21 December 2015 outlining all these issues. This is the response that I got, which didn't arrive until January 13 2016.

Curry's letter

As the screenshot shows, they have failed to address any of my concerns, only in keeping me in the dark about what will been done about the poor customer service, which will be dealt with 'in house.'

I wrote back, expressing my dissatisfaction with this response, particularly about the...

Curry’s PC world’s Shoddy Verbal Agreement

The ‘man-with-no-name’ used a little loophole to get the customer to agree to a measly compensation for their mistakes. Curry’s/PC World can then fob off the customer with the excuse they cannot raise the refund because of the ‘verbal agreement.’ The caught-off-guard, the elderly and the vulnerable will certainly be suckered.

In the meantime,

No response.

I wrote again on 13 March 2016. It is now 2 May 2016.

Still no response.

By the way, I still haven’t received any compensation whatsoever.

Well done. Curry’s PC World and, you have earned yourself a post on my blog, open to be read by anyone thinking of using your inadequate services.

Monday, 22 February 2016

HIIT Intensive Exercise and Seaweed Trial to Boost Metabolism Day 11: Burning Fat Faster

The secret of great health has become a personal concern after suffering eczema, migraines, recurrent conjunctivitis and fatigue for most of my adult life. My blood results are normal, except for slight anaemia and vitamin D deficiency. But my symptoms would indicate a problem.

Thermogenetic Food and Activity

HIIT Boosts Metabolism
Convinced that systemic candida might be the source of my symptoms, I have learned after a 50 day trial on the anti candida diet, that diet alone will not kill the candida. Read about why I began the candida diet here.

Oral thrush, itching and tiredness would indicate a candida overgrowth in the gut, but after 50 days on anti fungals, probiotics and low carbs I have learned that nothing will work if my body temperature is too low. Vulnerability to the cold and Raynaud’s Syndrome would point to a lower than normal body temperature. The liver cannot work properly, the body goes into an inflammatory state and the candida flourishes. Worse, the body won’t lose weight easily.

How to Boost Body Temperature

In order to rule out hypothyroidism, I purchased a digital thermometer and took readings over several days. I discovered that my basal body temperature (the lowest reading taken early morning before rising) often dipped to 36.1°C or below. My daytime temperatures rarely touched 37.0°C (the normal body temperature). I also noticed that my symptoms occurred on ‘cold’ days and in the evenings, when my body temperature dipped below 36.3°C.

Blood tests showed no hypothyroidism. However, I was convinced that something wasn’t right and looked into other causes of low body temperature. Adrenal exhaustion and estrogen dominance cropped up. However, blood tests into hormone function revealed nothing out of the ordinary.

Exercises to Boost Metabolism

Seaweed Pack an Iodine Punch
With everything ruled out, I began a trial to increase my body temperature. I introduced seaweed into my diet. Seaweed is packed full of minerals seldom found in other foods, and is also a high source of iodine and fibre, good for the thyroid and the endocrine system. Dulce, bladderwrack, nori and kelp are good examples of edible seaweed.

Every other day, I have also been undergoing HIIT exercises. These are short bursts of activity to the point of exhaustion in three cycles lasting no more than 30 seconds each. Short periods of recovery (exercising at a slower rate) links the burst training. Warming up and cooling down is essential before and after each session. The entire exercise session lasts no more than 10 or 15 minutes at most. Ideal for the busy. But it gets better than tha.

These short bursts are preferable to the daily 40 minute cardio, because over-stressing the body produces too much cortisol, which in fact lowers body temperature and exhausts the thyroid. Burst training is quick with longer recovery times between. This allows the cortisol levels to drop and the body to recover. The benefits of HIIT do not occur during the exercise, but during the 48 hours between.

As always, always consult the GP before undertaking any new exercise.

HIIT and Thermogenesis

Red & pink indicates warmer temperatures
Now on day 11 of my HIIT sessions and introduction of seaweed into my green smoothies, I am seeing improvements in my body temperature already. My feet are warm in bed without needing the electric blanket or socks, and I will often switch the heating down. My daytime body temperatures are seeing 36.9°C and 37.0°C more frequently than before (and even 37.1°C).

Basal body temperatures are also slipping above 36.2°C.

But I take cautious hope. These readings could be masked by a progesterone rise after finishing my periods. I am also waiting for all my symptoms to disappear. My eyes are still sore after a bout of conjunctivitis and my skin still itches. However, I have new energy, my hair and skin looks good and my constipation has eased.

The results will be conclusive in a few weeks time.

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Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Burst Training to Increase Basal Body Temperature Trial Day 5

Having been on the anti candida diet for fifty days, I have learned that cutting carbs, introducing probiotics and antifungals are not enough to kill candida alone, for many of my symptoms of candida remain (although my hair grew back). But I have discovered that low basal body temperature will cause the body to go into an inflammatory state.

Candida and Hypothyroid Symptoms

This is because the internal organs are not designed to function in any other temperature but within a narrow margin. Digestive enzymes underperforms and the good gut flora suffers. This gives the candida the chance to flourish. My symptoms get worse in the evening, when my body temperature falls, and get better during the luteal phase of the female cycle and during pregnancy (when body temperature rises a little).

Candida and Body Temperature

I don’t have hypothyroidism, which leaves adrenal exhaustion or estrogendominance.

So after drastically reducing grains (except for porridge), no junk food, sweets, cakes, biscuits or booze, my itchy eczema remains, as well as fatigue, bloating, water retention, oral thrush, and now I have suffered a bad bout of conjunctivitis.

Conjunctivitis and Estrogen Dominance

I have suffered mysterious and recurrent conjunctivitis for many years. A gritty sensation would develop in one or both eyes, and then would become inflamed and sore. I regularly bathe my eyes as they often get dry. My GP thinks I have Sjogren’s Syndrome.

However, I have since found a link between low body temperature and dry/inflamed eyes.

Low Body Temperatures throughout the Day - Dark are Cool, Pale are Warmer
After keeping a record of my basal body temperature, I have discovered that mine is terribly low. I have also menstruated three times in close succession which has made things worse. It is well known that menstruation causes the body temperature to plummet. This means progesterone (a heat giving hormone) has had no chance of building up, as there has been little luteal phase to do so. As a result, my eyes became very dry in the evenings. And finally, have become inflamed.

Body Temperature Grid

As can be seen from the screenshot of my body temperature readings, my basal temperature falls between 3.59°C and 3.61°C at night and remains that way for several hours. My daytime temperatures (which should be 37°C) averaged between 36.7°C to 36.8°C. In fact, 37°C occurs only three times in the entire week for a total of a few hours.

I have used shaded increments to make the illustration easier to appreciate. Cool are dark than warm are paler. The 37°C and above region are pale orange and 36.9°C is pink.

Can HIIT Raise Body Temperature

In a bid to raise my body temperature, I have begun a program of HIIT exercises to include with my healthy diet program. HIIT is high intense interval training. These consist of short bursts of exercise to exhaustion for three periods of 30 seconds, linked by moderate exercise of 20 or 30 seconds.

Any exercise can be practiced so long as it is short and intense. A session of racing up and down the stairs was my choice, although burpees, running or cycling will do as well. Always check with your doctor before embarking upon a new exercise program.

When Continual Cardio is Bad

Sustained exercise such as jogging or swimming will do no good for someone who already has adrenal exhaustion or estrogen dominance, as stress will rob the body of progesterone and cause the body temperature to plummet further. But short bursts of intense exercise provides a longer recovery time for the body. The good thing about HIIT is that it spurs the production of human growth hormone as well as reduce insulin resistance.

Burst Training and Hyperthyroid Symptoms

I practiced my second HIIT session today. (HIIT should be practiced three times per week, not every day). Unfortunately, I had to abstain from HIIT for two days because of menstrual problems. It’s frustrating. HIIT is uncomfortable, but short. I felt nauseous afterwards and full recovery took half an hour.

Before practicing HIIT, my body temperature was 36.6°C. Minutes after the session, it dropped to 36.1°C. Half an hour later when my body had recovered, my body temperature returned to 36.7°C.

So far, I can feel no difference in my symptoms, but it is early days. My body temperatures remain poor but I aim to include sea vegetables to my diet, as they contain lots of iodine to support the thyroid. Let’s see if HIIT, healthy diet and sea vegetables will bring my temperatures up.

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Sunday, 14 February 2016

One Way to Kill Candida: The Low Basal Body Temperature Solution: Day 3

My digital thermometer readings told me one thing: my hypothyroid-like body temperature was at the root of my candida albicans problem. Despite following a low carbohydrate diet with probiotics and antifungals such as coconut for fifty days, my candida persisted.

Hypothyroid Body Temperature

Today is the third day of my HIIT thermogenic activity: to raise my body temperature. Today is not a good start.

My basal body temperature (BBT) fell to its lowest reading since my anti-candida diet trial began 54 days ago. At 2am it fell to 35.7°C. By 1am it had already dropped to 35.9°C, and did not rise to above 36.0°C until about 4 am. I can assume this, because body temperature usually falls during sleep and it was still a chilly 36.2°C at 5am. According to the Broda O Barnes Body Temperature test for hypothyroidism, a BBT reading of 36.2°C or lower is a cause for concern.

Recurrent Conjunctivitis
My BBT remained at or below 36.0°C for four hours last night. Other nights, it averages around 36.0°C to 36.1°C in the small hours. In summary, my BBT is too low.

I take my temperature during the few times I rouse in the night and before going to sleep (around midnight to 1 am). Hence the temperature readings.

Estrogen Dominance and Candida

But my blood results for hypothyroid are normal. How can this be? The answer lies in adrenal exhaustion and estrogen dominance. Both cause low BBTs.

I had an unexplained bleed midway through my menstrual cycle. This means my progesterone levels would remain very low. Progesterone is the heat-giving hormone – the counterpart to estrogen. Without progesterone, the woman’s body temperature falls below normal and her health suffers.

I hasten to add, estrogen levels should prevail after menstruation anyway, but if estrogen is too dominant, and the progesterone too deficient, the body can’t function properly. I have been estrogen dominant for a month and can say that my health has suffered badly.

Allergy to Being Cold

After Clearing, Oral Thrush Returns
A low BBT is bad for the gut flora, but the candida doesn’t mind. Candida is an opportunistic yeast overgrowth that looks for a way in. A low BBT is the answer. In fact, studies have proved an unmistakable link between lower than normal BBT and yeast overgrowth.

Candida is associated with a sugary diet and stress, but the matter of a low BBT seems to be overlooked.

After a cold BBT, my oral thrush has returned with vengeance. My scalp is scaly despite moisturising it with coconut oil and the skin on my lower regions itches like mad, especially at night. To top things, my eyes have succumbed to conjunctivitis (as it often does). They look bloodshot and awful.

Why Low Carbohydrate Diet does not Kill Yeast

I have trialled a low carbohydrate diet for around 50 days. I have cut sugar, wheat, junk food and booze. I have taken antifungals in the form of oregano oil, coconut oil, garlic tablets and spices. I have also taken probiotics. On top of this, I have introduced green smoothies a few times per week and eaten healthily in the form of nuts, seeds, plenty of veg and some lean meat.

I can safely say that the candida diet cannot work if your BBT is too low. Worse, the low carbohydrate diet actually lowers your body temperature, because a carb-starved state warrants low metabolism to preserve energy.

So, despite everything, my oral thrush has returned, my skin itches, I feel tired, and this morning I look as though I have sunk a few voddies the night before.

My BBT is too low. What do I do?

I was hoping to trial an experiment with HIIT (high intensity interval training) to see if it will boost my hormones and increase my BBT. But I am unable to practice it today because I feel unwell. Having menstruated three times in close succession it will have to wait.

Today is a bad day, but I have learned a lot through experimentation and firsthand experience rather than through anecdotes.

And I know what doesn’t work. It’s time to work on my BBT.

Foods that Boost Progesterone

After a little research, have learned that foods that boost the heat-producing hormone progesterone would appear to be:
  • Wild yam products such as Mexican yam cream.
  • Lots of vitamin C (grapefruit, kiwi, orange, peppers).
  • B6 (found in walnuts, grains and lean red meat)
  • Zinc (found in red meats, shellfish, crab, dark chocolate, wheatgerm and pumpkin).
  • Magnesium (dark veg, spinach, whole grain, nuts and pumpkin seeds).
Other foods to introduce are: egg yolks, red meat, walnuts, shellfish, poultry, oregano, thyme, turmeric and sea vegetables such as seaweed.
  • Avoid stress, as cortisol is manufactured at the expense of progesterone.
  • Also avoid soy foods as this produced estrogen. I already avoid chemicals that cause high estrogen levels in the body.
  • Eat at regular intervals to avoid stressing the body.
 Having hit rock bottom, the only way is up.

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