Sunday, 17 October 2010

Interesting Gift Ideas for a Teenage Boyfriend

Buying a Christmas gift for a boyfriend can be like walking through a potholed minefield where a memory lapse may result in a Man U calendar for a Liverpool fan, or love compilation album for an anti-Smoltz. How can a girlfriend find the best Christmas gift ideas for a boyfriend?

Christmas Gifts for Boyfriend

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Intimate knowledge on boyfriend’s tastes when it comes to sport, music, aftershave, clothes and films is like the Holy Grail. Brand names may seem alike but in many cases, matter to him and make a statement. Making sneaky enquiries to his friends, siblings or parents may yield some answers, or failing that, a furtive scan of his bedroom walls or shelves (without of course, acting too furtively). Look out for current favourites, books, video games, hobbies or films.

What to Buy a Boyfriend Who has Everything

Experience days providers have such a huge repertoire of choice in prices and days out, that the gift buyer will be spoiled for choice. Driving days have become much of a muchness. But tank driving experiences, Brazilian football days, water sphereing and even balloon trips are certain to surprise the boyfriend. See my compilation of the ten weirdest experience days for further inspiration.

Pampering Gifts for Boyfriends

Grooming gifts should never entail guesswork. Avoid getting an aftershave endorsed by an unadmired celebrity or cheap imitations from the corner market. It is worth getting the best aftershave or shaving kit, as it will be used often. I would even go as far as simply asking the boyfriend which aftershave, hair gel or grooming product he prefers.

Jewellery for Boyfriends

It seems that teenage boys either love or hate jewellery. But buying jewellery for the former will provide the sender with lots of gift ideas to embellish his style, including charms, Celtic insignias and gothic emblems. A piece of jewellery that says something about his tastes, such as one that sports a surfboard, a beloved pet or guitar will show that thought had gone into the gift.

Inexpensive Christmas Gifts for Boyfriends

A gift that reflects the aforementioned hobby or passion provides a good opportunity for an affordable gift, such as a guitar lampshade, or football mug. An accessory to a costly item will compliment the theme, be it kayaking, paintballing, playing the drums or selling on Ebay.

Humorous gifts for a boyfriend can also be found inexpensively. Silly gifts such as an Instant Excuse Ball, Grow Your Own Mafia Boss or Grow Your Own Anfield pitch will create a memorable occasion. More silly gadgets can be found from Boystuff or the PresentFinder, or view my gadget gift shop link at the foot of this article

Special Gift for Boyfriend

Whatever the gift, its presentation can be everything. A simple token of sentiment can be found in a crystallised flower, which provides an organic ornament for a gift. Smart gift boxes will make a cheap gift look classy and make a Christmas gift for a boyfriend a memorable occasion.

Further Advice on Gift Buying for Boyfriend
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