Monday, 18 October 2010

Sharing Games for Children to Promote Social Skills

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Kids’ sharing games not only help kids interact with each other, but also develop social skills, which of course is of great importance to anxious parents as well as preserving a peaceful Christmas or birthday. Not forgetting earning some accolade for the grumpy gift buyer. But which sharing games are best?

Gift Idea for a Large Family

An ideal gift for a family with multiple offspring of similar age is floor games. Traditional games have a classic quality that never grows obsolete. Twister is an old favourite where kids try to compete for the prize of best contortionist and get laughs on the way.

Giant snakes and ladders, drafts or chess enable kids to combine kinaesthetic activity with logic as they lounge across the floor or in groups. Or how about dressing up games which enable kids to role play? Cheap dressing up kits can be found to include five or so outfits on animal themes or occupations. Auntie’s or granddad's throw-outs will do just as well, such as scarves, hats or even wigs.

Sharing Games for Girls

Props designed for role play rarely fail to get girls to interact with each other. Kids’ tea sets, kitchens, post offices, banks or sweet shops are great for girls to pretend adults. Dolls houses, castles or palaces make great opportunities for girls to pretend situations together using figures, furniture and other mini props.

Sharing Games for Boys

Competitive games for boys can be found in target games such as darts or bulls-eye (the arrows having suckers, of course) although such games are best played outside or in the bedroom. A mini pinball machine or Buckaroo provides noisy fun for boys, as well as tumbling tower quoits or four in a row, which encourage players to take their turn.

Cheap Sharing Games for Children

Games that encourage social interaction can be found at reasonable prices, keeping the grumpy gift buyer’s purse strings intact. Such games include as card games including snap, happy famillies or trumps; guessing games, memory games, charades, chatterbox and quizzes help develop mental skills. Ensure the quiz game is aimed at the correct age group and time period as popular culture changes very quickly and kids grow up fast.

Social Skills Games for Children

A great gift idea for a large family is games that provide sharing and social interaction. The grumpy gift buyer cannot go wrong with one that exercise social skills between kids and keep them entertained. Old classics are a safe bet. Ensure the age group of the quiz is compatible with the kids concerned.

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