Monday, 11 October 2010

The Dreaded Secret Santa Gift for the Office

Just when the Christmas gift list couldn’t get longer, up pops the office Christmas tub. To make matters worse, you find yourself Christmas shopping for someone you hardly know. What can the secret Santa sender do to get the best Christmas gift? The answer might lie in a joke gift from Secret Santa.

Funny Christmas Gift Ideas for Secret Santa

Radio Controlled Stunt Granny with Turbo Function, Ramp and Supermarket Stunt Props
Stunt Granny
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Present opening time at the office can sometimes yield a motley medley of odd and unfitting Christmas gifts, not only in quality but in suitability. One colleague gets a cheap pack of smellies from a supermarket, another gets royal Vale tea set. To avoid guess working or researching into which Christmas gift to buy an office colleague, a joke gift might fit all. But where can funny Christmas gifts be found?

Funny Gadget Gift Ideas for Work

The same old Christmas joke gift ideas seem to come around every year, the pooing reindeer; the Santa thong. With tastes varying from the relatively prude to the downright smutty, the gift sender may try to avoid causing offense or insult to the receiver but then again, may not. Why relegate the racing grannies or fighting granddads to the shop shelf if there are plenty of office workers due retirement? The list goes on to radio controlled stunt grannies or speeding granddads.

Politically Incorrect Joke Gifts for the Office

Lots of other gift ideas are sure to brighten a pre Christmas day at the office and cause a little offence to boot, such as a slingshot chicken for an animal rights activist, or an instant excuse ball for someone in denial of being lazy. Or how about a laughing mirror for one who loves to cake on the makeup on a Monday morning? A T-shirt displaying “I’m not a doctor but I’ll take a look,” for the overt flirt or an annoying GPS gag, to distract one who is always caught in traffic. And finally, a hook line and stinker fishing game for a colleague who spends half the day in the loo. All these gifts can be found on my Amazon shop at the foot of this article

Best Joke Gift for Christmas

Some novel funny gift ideas that will stick in the memory for future Christmases can be found in the form of the “grow your own” series. The idea is akin to watering a plant, but instead, you water an “object.” You can “grow your own gay best friend,” “grow your own boss,” “grow your own hooker,” or even “grow your own cowboy.” These bizarre objects grow over a few days to life size. After which, they reduce to original size when abstained from water.

Funny Outfits for Work

When stuck for ideas on what to get a work colleague, why not just get a joke gift for a colleague? Old favourites like pooing reindeers have a classic quality that will probably keep coming back every year, but there are always some innovative new joke gifts for Christmas to suit every taste and offend someone, such as flying animals, grow your own hookers or fighting pensioners to make a grumpy gift buyer less grumpy. The joke gift will be remembered for many joyful Christmases at the office to come.

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