Sunday, 10 October 2010

Help! I Don't Know What to Buy a Girl Toddler for a Gift

Christmas shopping for a little girl can be a nightmare if the buyer does not know the difference between Bratz and a Barbie and may cop out on cheap candies, plastic jewellery or craft set with a profusion of beads and glue. But the parents might not speak to you again. What is the best Christmas gift for a young girl?

Christmas Learning Toys for Girls

You can’t go wrong with educational gifts for tots. A pretty toy, initially enthused over may not have the same entertainment value after a day or so. Toys that stimulate the senses will help to develop toddler’s spacial and mental skills and continue to entertain. A good range of learning toys for girls including musical books, words games and Duplo and many others can be found from Vtech, FisherPrice and TafToys.

My personal favourite is electronic books with push buttons on each page where tot may explore and learn about words, music and pictures, supplied with sound and visual effects.

Aquadoodle Draw N Doodle
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Aquadoodle provide opportunities for tots to experience their first artistic experience with water without creating mess. Put the pen in water, draw over the aqua-mat, and watch a picture emerge. Certain locations of the aqua-mat will make noises when pressed, such as farm animals. When the picture dries, it fades so it can be completed again. Travel size will keep young girls happy during holiday trips. Take care as the aqua range have small parts.

Cute Toys for Girls

Few little girls could resist cute toys. Baby Annabell, Hello Kitty, My Little Pony, Builder Bears and Baby Born provide cuddle value and virtual play, as they come with themed accessories including beachwear, party clothes and sound effects.

Save Money on Expensive Toys for Christmas

Why not get part of an expensive toy such as a crucial accessory or part? Electronic games for Nintendo, little people, furniture for dolls houses, farmyard animals or horses for pony stables could form a part or complete the set. Be sure to get the right accessory or it won’t suit. Get the parents to write the exact name of the product.

Stocking Fillers for Toddler Girls

A useful gift for a girl will ensure it is not left on the shelf. Pretty hair accessories, jazzy tights, swim floats or wellies will come in handy and look good. Most girls love pink, glitter effect, fairies or ponies.

Best Christmas Toys for Small Girls

Grumps needn’t spend hours searching for the ideal Christmas gift for a little girl. Young girls’ interactive learning toys will earn brownie points from parents and girl alike; accessories to a pricey toy will save money, and practical stocking fillers will get used, helping make gift-buying less of a grumpy experience for people like me.

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Image credit: Lewis Hines