Sunday, 10 October 2010

What to Buy a Baby for Christmas in a Rush

Buying Christmas presents for babies can bewilder the pre parent and the grumpy gift buyer who may opt for rattles, a dummy or a cuddly toy – well, what else do babies want? If only it were that simple. Here is some practical advice on buying Xmas presents for a baby and earn the reluctant gift buyer lots of brownie points.

The Best Present for a Baby

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Firstly, what may seem obvious may be overlooked. Check the age suitability of the toy. Believe it or not, there is a big difference between “suitable from birth to 3 months,” and “suitable from 3 months to 6 months.” Also check safety. Small parts could cause choking. Ensure eyes and buttons are securely fastened on soft toys.

Educational Toys for Christmas

Fanatical parents love educational toys for their kids. After all, who knows if a mini Mozart isn’t in the making? VTech, Fisher Price, Leapfrog and TafToys supply a range of great educational toys for babies that exercise visual awareness, auditory pathways and physical coordination. The best are those that stimulate all three ie., is colourful, makes noises and does stuff, such as react to baby’s touch. Simple hands-on toys such as basic Duplo or colourful stacking cups are often most effective. Surprisingly, kids love these cups, as they can be stacked, bashed together and cupped over feet. They are also compact and can be taken anywhere.

Soft Toys for Christmas

Parents will be eternally grateful for a toy that calms baby at night as they can watch TV in peace. Cot mobiles might do the trick. Those with funny animals that hover over baby, or one that plays a little music and provide a light show on the wall will lull baby to sleep. Soft scrunchy touch cubes with textures, letters and numbers will engage baby if eyes refuse to close.

Christmas Gifts for Baby Girl or Boy?

Gift buyers who feel anxious about getting it wrong when buying for the sex of the baby can go for toys suitable for either sex. Inflatable toys with plastic balls provide small tumble areas for babies that could take the form of a car, rocket or playhouse. Such physically active toys are likely to create hours of fun and wear baby out.

The Ideal Christmas Present for a Baby

The best bay gift will please the parent as well as the baby. Educational gifts are sure to tick the boxes for both. The simplest toy can be most effective. Action toys to help coordination as well as visually interesting mobiles for bed time will suit baby whatever the mood. Check age suitability and safety to take the headache out of having to return unsuitable Christmas presents for babies.

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