Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Air Ionisers as a Gift Idea for Health Giving Fresh Air in the Home

Many people are concerned over the air quality of the home, particularly if residing in a built up area or surrounded with household appliances, exposed to smoke, pet air, fluff, dust and such airborne particles. As one who is concerned over air quality myself, the air ioniser seems the perfect solution. When it comes to gift buying, my philosophy is, if I like it or feel I need one, this product might be the ideal gift for someone else in my position. Air purifiers, humidifiers or ionisers would certainly fit into this category.

What an Air Ioniser Does

But what is an air ioniser? Well, this neat contraption will produce negatively-charged ions that will attract dirty particles (positively-charged particles) like small vacuum cleaners. Without this attraction to these ions, such impurities such as pet dander, smoke and dust will continue to circulate freely in the air, eventually finding their way into our lungs, eyes or nose. As these particles clump together onto the negative ions, it can no longer resist gravity. Eventually, these particles fall to the floor, ready to be vacuumed up – a preferable location to the lungs!

A Gift for Healthy Lifestyle

These negative ions, or ‘anions’ bring a sense of wellbeing in the same way one would feel standing near a waterfall, sea or after a storm. You won’t have the same odour as the great outdoors, but the air will feel ‘lighter’ and fresher. According to customer reviews, the air ioniser has proved to be helpful for an array of ailments from sleeplessness and asthma to SAD and fatigue. This is why I plan on getting one myself, in conjunction with some health giving houseplants.

Gift Idea to for Asthma Sufferers in the Air Purifier

Air ionisers do not filter the air like some sort of ‘air net’, but inject an electrical charge to the molecules in the air, producing billions of these anions. These anions then circulate the air, attaching themselves to positively-charged molecules in a similar way to static electricity. This helps to create cleaner air.

Types of Air Ionizers

There are several types of air ionisers on the market, so picking the right one is vital. All work off the mains making a small noise. One type uses water, which sloshes inside a glass bulb with an ambient glow. Only by switching off the light can you see the dirt that has accumulated in the water. Cleaning is easy and worth it. Other air purifiers work by deionising the air through a ‘grille’. Each air purifier is designed to cleanse a certain volume of air (on average 5 cubic metres), so a large home owner may need two or more air ionisers for effective air cleansing.

The Best Air Ioniser

Location is important. Place in hallways or landings where air movement is more likely, so that the air ioniser is able to emit negative ions more freely in the air around the house. Regular cleaning of the filters or water will enable the ioniser to work to optimum efficiency. Prices vary wildly. The compact variety slots unobtrusively into a wall socket; some use carbon filters to rid of odours. When choosing an air purifier, factor in its energy saving ability as well as the volume of air concerned.

Gift Idea for Home Lover

Some air ionisers are designed for industrial use, such as offices or factories, which might not be suitable. If buying this gift for someone else, take into account the size of the house and that it can be placed in a suitable location. Check the colour and size, so that it would not ‘jar’ with the surroundings there is nothing worse than buying a gift for someone, only to find it consigned to its box because the recipient was unable or unwilling to use it for any reason.

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