Thursday, 15 November 2012

Scrooge's Guide to Cheap Beauty Products for Young Girls

Before you know it, your daughter or niece is knocking on the door of adolescence and making demands for makeup products. We all know some cosmetics are not cheap, and you don't want to look a tight-arse. What is the best way of buying the best makeup for a child that matters little if it ends up down the back or the sofa or in some friend’s handbag?

Tips for Inexpensive Beauty Products for Kids

Being no stranger to buying beauty products for young female relatives in my family, I have learned a thing or two about finding the best makeup and accessories to please any young girl without breaking the bank. Firstly, you don’t have to go to the high street shop with a resigned sensation. There are other places that sell cheap makeup without compromising on quality, as I have discovered.

Places that Sell Cheap Makeup for Girls

Firstly, never compromise on quality. I never buy makeup from a market stall or from an untried outlet, no matter how miserly I am feeling. Having said that, I have known ‘reputable’ makeup brands to be of poor quality and create an allergic reaction. Some such makeup does not go on easily, requiring persistence to create a mark. Not ideal for eyes. The sensitive nature of young skin means that the makeup should be easy to apply and easy to remove (as young teens like to experiment and reapply when the mood takes them). A nice range of affordable makeup can be found in the Body Shop, Boots or Superdrug.

Eye Makeup that is Easily Removed

I buy soft eye pencils, eyeshadows and water-based mascara that have high tinting strength that can easily be applied and removed. Autumn colours or charcoal shades are popular with young girls at the moment, and such neutral colours will go with most complexions.

I also avoid heavy foundations that can clog the pores. Make sure the makeup is soft in consistency and is not difficult to remove. Kids love flavoured lipstick with a light texture. Vaseline-based lip-gloss sold in small tins is ideal for avoiding chapped lips in winter.

Foundation for Young Girls

I avoid powdery or-overly greasy concealer, and prefer the lighter quality. I will include a light moisturiser that can be applied with the foundation, to create a translucent effect for skin, rather than heavy coverage. The moisturiser should ideally be plain and unperfumed.

Cheap Cosmetics for Kids

With a nice selection of makeup for kids, I will include a small handmirror in a pretty makeup bag. It is not so imperative to find such articles in reputable establishment. I will therefore trawl the market stalls and pound shops and look for something novel. Pretty designs can be found easily. For a nice finish, a small perfume bag will not go amiss.

Cheap Cosmetic Gifts for Kids

Buying makeup and cosmetics for young girls need not be costly or complicated or make you look a miser. I simply stick to brands that easily leave a mark, and therefore are easy to remove. I avoid water-resistant makeup for young skin, as it will be difficult to remove. A nice range of autumn colours for eyeshadow and Vaseline-based lipstick will create a fresh look for young girls. A pretty makeup bag and a small handmirror can easily be found to round off the perfect gift.

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