Monday, 21 November 2011

Sentimental Jewellery Gifts for Boyfriend without being Mawkish

Buying jewellery for a boyfriend to say I love you might not be to every boy’s tastes. What if the jewellery comes across overly-sentimental or smaltzy? What if the jewellery gift was received with stiff thanks only to adorn the inside of a bottom drawer? Well here are some jewellery gift ideas for a man that might hit the right note regarding the giver’s sentiments.

Jewellery Gift Ideas for a Man during Times Away

Gifting Jewellery for a man could be the ideal way to express how you feel during times of separation. Silver Mizpahs, pendants or (for the man’s man) dog tag Mizpahs that comes in two pieces to fit a whole will remind boyfriend of you if the boyfriend spends long periods away. Personalised Mizpahs (with a customised message) are sure to add a unique touch for boyfriend’s birthday or Holiday season without being overly slushy. Alternatively Yin and Yang or lover’s lockets might be the ideal adornment.

Charms and Jewels for Boyfriend with a Message

Why not customise your own personal message on the jewellery instead of the usual ‘I love you?’ These simple three words, although powerful could be exchanged between any couple and may say little about the special relationship you share with your boyfriend. Perhaps quote a line from a favoured poem or the meaning of his name and how this applies to you. Take time to decide upon the message, as fewer words often mean more. Getting the right message across could take more time than finding the ideal jewellery present for your boyfriend.

The Ideal Jewellery Engraving

Make sure the jewellery chosen has ample space on it to have the message engraved. Celtic charms, emblems, rings, Yin Yang pewter necklaces or lover’s pendants can be found with blank spaces for the engraving. Make allowance for the time and cost to have the engraving done and always stick to a recommended jewellery engraver for a professional finish.

The Best Jewellery for a Boyfriend

Think about the design of the boyfriend’s jewellery in that it doesn’t come across as feminine or overly-decorative. Silver, gold, titanium, stainless steel or pewter jewellery are popular choices for men. Cut diamonds or sapphires provide ideal focal points without looking too decorative. Weave designs or simple adornments might be more appreciated by boyfriend if his tastes are not too plain.

Personalised Charms for Boyfriend

To demonstrate how well you know your boyfriend, incorporate something about his tastes or personality in the jewellery gift, such as a love for music, art or a particular place. Better still incorporate a symbol of something you both share, perhaps the very thing that caused you to meet. The personalised jewellery could only be for him and only gifted from you.

The Best Jewellery for a Man to Make a Statement

Jewellery gifts for a man or boyfriend could come across as overly-sentimental if the message is too powerful or cloying. The usual ‘I love you’ might not be to every boy’s tastes. In such cases, consider personalising the jewellery in a way that proves you know him well. A customised message or careful choice regarding the jewellery design is more likely to find itself embellishing your boyfriend. Furthermore, Mizpahs, Yin and Yang lockets or similar pieces that comprise two pieces might be ideal for the boyfriend who spends a lot of time away from you.

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