Thursday, 21 October 2010

Special Christmas Gift Ideas for the Girlfriend

A grumpy boyfriend faced with choosing the ideal Christmas present for a girlfriend may hope a rushed effort into a corner garage will pay off. Chocolates, flowers and flashy jewellery are said to be a great gift for a female partner, but such presents may give the message that all girls are the same. How can the boyfriend find a special present for a girlfriend?

Cool Gifts for Girlfriends

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Before rushing out and finding the first gift that presents itself, the boyfriend may first think about the girlfriend’s personality. A cheap gift that shows invested thought is likely to be more appreciated than an expensive, flashy but unsuitable present. This may mean thinking about the girl’s tastes. This means hobbies, fashion sense, humour and character.

Hobby Gifts for the Girlfriend

A gift to compliment a hobby, such as jewellery making, decoupage or even paintballing is likely to be used. The ultimate flattery in what a girl thinks about a gift, is to find it worn out and used in a few weeks’ time. Ensure the item is not already in the girl’s possession and also that it is suitable for purpose. Play safe and stick to a recommended brand.

Cool Jewellery for Girlfriends

Great jewellery need not be expensive. Tasteful gothic or Celtic designs can complement the girl’s clothes or character. A novelty piece of jewellery that says something personal about the girlfriend will be more appreciated than a generic one. A jewellery sporting a loved musical instrument, a pet or even a locket with a small photo showing the two of you can rarely fail to get to her heart is more likely will be worn.

Best Experience Days for Girlfriends

The boyfriend will soon discover by perusing the experience day choices that there are loads on offer. Such inspiration for a special day out for girls can be found in pampering days, where the girlfriend may enjoy being indulged over in a Dove spa at many locations in the UK; or a chocolate making workshop, a wine tasting experience or even a day out driving a tank. Cheap experience days can be found at a reasonable £30.

Funny Gifts for Girlfriends

A girlfriend with a silly sense of humour may enjoy a joke gadget that says something about her personality (in a nice way of course) such as toilet bowl lip gloss, or a romantic toast stamper that says I love you, or a Drama Queen car sticker.

Inexpensive Perfume for the Girlfriend

Buying perfume can be a tricky business, as girls can be very particular on this, but great perfume can be obtained at very reasonable prices. This does not mean popping into the hypermarket with a few quid to get a cheap perfume that could make your eyes water. Cool but cheap perfume can be found in True Love by Elizabeth Arden, Eternity by Calvin Kline or Nicole Miller. All can be found in my gift shop at the foot of this article at around £20 or less.

What to Buy a Girlfriend for Christmas

A boyfriend beset with a grumpy mood due to gift buying can find lots of great gift ideas for a girlfriend by simply buying what the girl wants. Look into her personal tastes. Avoid buying a generic gift that shows little thought. A personalised piece of jewellery, a gift that compliments a hobby or a favourite perfume will guarantee that the gift will be used and appreciated, the ultimate flattery to the gift buyer.

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