Thursday, 21 October 2010

How Not to Get the Wrong Perfume for a Girlfriend

The boyfriend beset by a grumpy mood at the prospect of buying a girlfriend perfume may get it wrong in a rush. Cheap perfume from a garage shop is unlikely to impress the girlfriend and may even cause an allergic reaction, reflecting the whole business of gift buying for some boys. What is the best perfume for a girl?

Which Fragrance to Buy a Girlfriend

The first rule of thumb is to avoid perfume sporting a shop brand, especially if it is associated with a budget shop. Even if the perfume were acceptable in smell, the whole packaging will spoil the effect. It’s rather like eating French cuisine out of cardboard boxes.

The business of buying perfume not only involves the smell of the perfume, but the presentation box, the design of the bottle and the colour of the perfume. A boyfriend confused by which perfume to choose may ask himself, would I like this perfume if I were a girl? A strange question, but could be worth asking if the right perfume were selected. (I have to say, Dolce & Gabbana is rather nice, try a sniff yourself!)

The Best Cheap Perfume for a Girlfriend

A boyfriend who has a slim wallet may feel anxious about the price of good perfume, but there are some lovely perfumes at cheap prices to be found. Included are: True Love by Elizabeth Arden, which has a light spicy yet feminine scent, Dream Angels Heavenly by Victoria’s Secret, which has a light flowery fragrance. Or how about the old classic, Eternity for Women, by Calvin Klein. A lovely romantic scent that has proved exceedingly popular. Be warned, the price of this scent varies wildly but can be found at a reasonable price on my Amazon perfume shop at the foot of this article.

Classy, Sexy Girl’s Perfume

Romantic perfume for women can be found in Obsession Night by Calvin Klein which has a lovely mixture of vanilla, rose and jasmine. Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker which has a light, feminine scent, or CK by Calvin Klein which has a refreshing, yet sexy citrus aroma. Or for something different, Vera Wang Princess by Vera Wang, in a lovely cute bottle, this perfume has a uniquely light floral scent.

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