Wednesday, 13 October 2010

I Haven't a Clue What to Buy a Boy Toddler for a Present

Buying a Christmas gift for a young boy can be a headache if you don’t know the difference between Thomas and Hornby. A grumpy mood may induce a rushed effort into a small racing car, a few Duplo bricks or cheap wax crayons, but the parents may give you a disgruntled look in return. So how can a grumpy gift buyer find the best toy for a small boy?

Learning Toys for Boys

LEGO Duplo Learning (5497)
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 Educational toys really are the thing nowadays. Duplo’s Play with Numbers (a large version of Lego but with numbers), will exercise boy’s logic and coordination. The Busy Zoo Activity Centre offers a multi sensory experience, where young hands may explore textures, and manipulate blocks to make pictures.

VTech’s electronic books with bright illustrations, noisy buttons and lights will keep young boys distracted for hours, the Leapfrog Alphabet Explorer will help boys learn about letters and basic spelling, and parents will thank you for it.

Computer Games for Little Boys

Boys of surprisingly young age can get to grips with such games as Batman, Supermario Kart or Pokemon, which cater for ages as young as three. Leapster is a sort of pre Nintendo gadget that helps the developing child with hand coordination and visual cues during the progression to complex computer games. Although the game cartridges are different to Nintendo, they provide affordable gift ideas for kids and provide hours of fun, even for boys beyond toddler age.

Cheap Toys for Young Boys

This year’s hot toys often burn the pocket of those financially challenged, but buying an accessory or parts to a theme is a great ways of saving money on Christmas presents. Thomas, Hot Wheels and Lego with launching gadgets, moving parts or power machines are sure to be used if the main thing is the boy’s pride and joy. Take care to get the part for the correct range of toy, as the Thomas collection, for example come in two age groups.

Christmas Stocking Fillers for Tots

Crafty gifts for kids are always a safe bet. Aquadoodle enables boys to draw with water, but without the mess of paints. Simple construction kits such as wooden skeletons, robots or dinosaurs will make young boys feel satisfaction on its completion. Yellowmoon supply a huge range of craft kits for tots, including collage painting kits, stickers and wood craft.

Xmas Gift Ideas for Young Boys

Finding the ideal toys for a toddler need not be a stressful experience if knowing what to get. Learning toys are a good choice, but age suitability must be checked first. Accessories to an expensive toy provide an affordable gift idea for Christmas. Leapster games or Hot Wheel tracks are two such examples. Stocking fillers dotted with innovative crafty gifts will keep boys quiet for hours and the grumpy gift buyer will be redeemed for yet another year.

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