Wednesday, 13 October 2010

The Best Christmas Craft Ideas for Children

Shopping around for crafty Christmas gifts for kids may confound the grumpy pre parent into buying a craft kit that can barely fashion a snowman, or one that contains a multitude of small decorative sequins that seems to find its way into every corner of the house. What is the best Christmas craft idea to keep kids happy for hours and win some approval for the sender?

Quilling Kits for Kids

Quilling Kit: Christmas Angels
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Quilling is an old craft that stems from the middle ages. It basically entails making intricate shapes out of strips of paper into swirls, loops or spirals for design purposes. However, this craft may provide fun for kids wishing to make tree angels or reindeers. The only materials required are coloured paper of varying thicknesses and a gadget around which the paper may coil. Quilling kits with full instructions can be found in craft shops or in my Amazon shop below.

Christmas Projects for Kids

Novel Christmas craft ideas for kids can be found in handmade holiday ornament kits, seasonal bookmarks or blank Christmas figurines ready for kids to lay paint on. Kits such as make your own gingerbread men, Christmas crackers, nativity figures, penguins, snowflakes, baubles and more crafty kits can be found from Little Crafty Bugs or Yellow Moon.

Make Your Own Craft Kit

But if the gift buyer cannot find a suitable craft kit in the shops, money could be saved and more craft items obtained from a self-assembled generic craft kit by including items such as coloured paper, string, PVA glue, glitter, pipe cleaners, googly eyes, foam shapes, crepe paper, beads and scissors. When packaged in a large box wrapped with shiny paper or Christmas paper, could provide a great craft kit for kids.

Homemade Christmas Puppets for Kids

With such a generic craft kit, kids can make their own Christmas crafts. And example could be Christmas puppets made with wooden clothes pegs or painted lollypop sticks illustrated with felt tip and clothed with stuck-on pieces of fabric. Simple touches can be very effective at suggesting Santa, a snowman or Rudolph. Alternatively kids may cut foam shapes for faces and stick on cotton wool or pipe cleaners for hair, googly eyes and glue the funny faces onto the sticks.

Homemade Christmas Card Kits for Kids

Saving last year’s Christmas cards and discarding the part with the written dedication could provide the ideal materials for creating new card designs. Kids may cut out, rearrange and stick on various aspects of the cards to create festive montages. Stars, snowmen, reindeers and Christmas trees as well as decorative borders and motifs can be used to great effect.

Novel Christmas Crafts for Kids

The best Xmas craft kit is one that keeps kids happy for hours. It must be flexible and have spares, so that kids may adapt the craft to their own wishes or add elements to create a truly novel holiday decoration, puppet or bookmark. The gift sender may provide a self-assembled generic craft kit if a suitable one cannot be found. With the addition of discarded Xmas cards of the previous year, this Christmas card making kit may provide the sort of activity kids will enjoy for hours.

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