Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Does the Candida Diet Really Work? Candida Diary Day Eight: Setback with Antibiotics

I suffered a major setback with my trail, as I found out from test results that I have Strep G infection and I have to take another course of antibiotics. The only type that will rid of strep G is penicillin (the others I took before starting this trial was amoxicillin, which will not work with Strep G).

Allergy to Penicillin

Penicillin Antibiotics
Because I have had bad reactions to penicillin in the past, asked for an alternative. So now I am taking Cefalixin tablets, twice per day with a one-off thrush tablet with fluconazole. Great, this is just what I needed!

I took my first antibiotic today along with the thrush tablet. Even before taking the medication, noticed I had a dry eyes last night and awoke tired, puffy eyed with the same old Candida symptoms. I suffered terrible private itching last night too. This has left me despondent. The verdict is still out on whether the candida diet really works. Looking in the mirror, my tongue remains heavily coated towards the back and my eyes are surrounded with dark rings with puffy skin beneath.

I will stop the trial here, but will post some research on what Strep G is (never heard of it) as well as other findings about Candida whilst I am on the antibiotics before continuing with the diary.

It is questionable whether the infection I have is due to low immune function and leaky gut. Apparently when the yeast infection of the gut become systemic, the walls become more permeable, allowing microbes to leak into the bloodstream. This can cause food allergies and infections.

Anti Candida Diet

I have found out it is good to continue the probiotics during the antibiotic treatment, and will continue this diet as though nothing has happened. It is disheartening, but this infection has to cleared up before I can continue with this trial.

Antibiotic use with Candida Treatment

With these thoughts, I have to remind myself, that I have suffered vague symptoms of suspect candidia for most of my adult life. A week of taking antibiotics will not affect my experiment. In fact, it will serve as a tougher test on whether the candida diet really works. Usually after antibiotic treatment, the gut is left vulnerable for unwanted microbes to flourish. It is often the case that individuals will suffer a flare up of thrush once the antibiotic course is done. I suffered this myself after completing my previous course of antibiotics about two weeks ago. The private itching has yet to settle down.