Thursday, 7 January 2016

Does the Candida Diet Really Work? Disappointment of Day Twenty

At the moment, I would say the traditional low carb, probiotic antifungal regime isn’t working. Yes, my trial was hampered by having to go on antibiotics ten days ago. The trouble with antibiotics is that they alter the PH balance of you intestines until they are too alkaline, allowing the yeast to flourish. Good bacteria thrive in an acidic environment, not alkaline. So my trial has been messed up two weeks ago.

Antibiotics and Candida

However, I have been antibiotic free for over ten days, continuing with my anti candida diet regardless. I have been hampered with fatigue, a vague headache that has been hanging around for a few days. My eyes have been terribly dry in the evenings and my skin itched so much last night, the scratching made me bleed. My sinuses were a little snuffly last night with some sneezing. My tongue remains coated, after clearing up on day 14 and I have a stale taste in the mouth. I’m thinking the coating cleared up on day 14 only because of the antibiotics.

So the result of my trial on day 20 is to say the least underwhelming and inconclusive. After sticking to this low carb diet for over a month, I feel as if I am back to square one with the candida problem.

The Eighty Ten Ten Diet

Lots of Fruit for Candida
After surfing the Net for more answers, I have come across another anti candida diet that advises to do the exact opposite of the traditional low carb diet. It is called the Ten Ten Diet. The ten ten diet stands for eighty percent carbs (from mostly fruit), ten percent fat and ten percent protein. The argument is that sugars stick around for longer in your body when consuming lots of fats. This allows the yeast to have a feast at leisure. The sugars from fruit come and go quickly, so the yeast has little time to feast. In the end, the body still has the break down food into sugars. With protein and fats, it takes longer.

I’m having trouble with this because it is the bursts of sugar levels in the body that causes the cravings and the need for more sugar, doesn’t it? This candida confusion is really p*ssing me off and I don’t know what to do.

So here are two schools of thought on how to treat candida with totally opposite approaches.

What to do.

The Eighty Ten Ten Diet or the Traditional Low Carb Approach?

My only choice for now is to carry on with the traditional low carb diet for a little longer for I have come this far. If nothing changes in two weeks, then I’m jumping ship.

Today, I have had yogurt based breakfast with oat bran and flaxseed. No surprise that I am having eggs for lunch and turkey soup with low carb gluten free bread for tea.

At this point, my symptoms persist and are as bad as ever. The antibiotics are partly to blame, but the other factor could be that the anti candid diet isn’t right. I will post again only when there is something to report.