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What do I Get an Eighteen Year Old Girl? Fun, Cherished and Novelty Gift Ideas

Thinking of what present to get a girl for an ordinary birthday is bad enough, but what present do you get for an eighteenth birthday? Obviously it has to be better than the previous seventeen presents. It has to be of the right brand (not imitations) it has to be of the right colour, design and of the best quality. Having to buy more eighteenth birthday presents than I can remember, this dilemma has become all too familiar to me.

Gift Ideas for an 18 Year Old Lady

I learned the hard way to always get the present early on, as pendants, jewellery, handbags, vases, perfume, fancy picture frames, lucky charms, champagne and keys to adulthood will soon get snatched up by other present buyers. Also be careful that no one else has nabbed your idea before you have. I have known some would-be eighteen year olds devise a birthday wish-list to take the strain from the brain cells of present buyers, which I am in favour of. In such cases, you cannot go wrong. Themes usually take on coming-of-age stuff that are pretty to look at but yields little practical value. Obviously they are supposed to be keepsakes or something pretty to look at. But I like to find something different if possible.

Cherished Gift Ideas for an Eighteen Year Old Woman

A present that yields fun, practicality or simply a of novelty value is likely to be remembered above the aforementioned usual stuff. This means finding out something about the girl’s tastes and character. What will really create the surprise gift for her?

Well, how about the girl’s grandparent’s book with prompting questions that will reveal something of the girl’s heritage? Questions such as the birthplace of a grandparent’s, upbringing, work history, achievements and interesting facts about her ancestors will no doubt become more valued in the passing years. One day, such information can no longer be attained so easily or become lost in time. This valuable book will turn out to offer valuable insight into the life of the girl’s ancestors and become poignant when she starts a family of her own.

Personalised Gifts as an Eighteenth Birthday Present

Similarly, I wanted to offer something different to the other gifts on offer. I had a few photographs of my nieces as children which had been stashed in my loft. I decided to get them reprinted and I placed them into a bumper photo album, charting their younger years. Some of the photos caught their characters perfectly. I created a personalised photo album cover, consisting of sample images alongside pretty script and inserted the cover within the plastic sleeve. Occasions like water fights in the garden, dressing up in funny clothes or simply pulling a funny face really created a positive reaction during the eighteenth birthday celebration.

Unexpected Gift Ideas for an Eighteenth Birthday

Other gift ideas might be experience days. Always popular, these once in a lifetime events will offer the girl something to look back on in years to come. Hot air balloon flights, driving a fast car, crime re-enactments, a helicopter flight over London, skydiving or going to the theatre might suit her tastes.  Ensure there are keepsakes, photographs or gift that will serve as a reminder.

Out of This World Gift Ideas for an Eighteenth Birthday Present

Other gift ideas that might excite an eighteen year old lady might be getting tickets to see her favourite singer or band, or even to arrange a meeting backstage and to get personalised autographs. Or how about tickets to sit on the front row to see a favoured standup comic, or a quiz show? Getting on TV by the time you are eighteen is bound to become a benchmark memory in a lifetime.

Cheap Gift Ideas for a Girl of Eighteen

Alternatively, there is an array of sundry ideas that would be suitable for an eighteen year old woman, such as a digital camera, Ipod, DVD of her favourite movie, personalised mug, giftcards, designer lipstick, MP3 player, nail varnish, giftcards, pyjamas, slippers, funny T-shirt, dressing gown, joke book or a signed copy of a crime novel. Ebay is always worth checking out if the high street fails to inspire.

Gift Ideas for 18 Year Old Woman

Thinking up ideas of what to buy an eighteen year old woman may entail trawling shops full of jewellery, handbags or shoes that might not be to her tastes. Making assumptions is never wise. Consult others close to her to ensure your present has not already been duplicated or you are way off the mark with her tastes. A wish list will certainly unburden the grey matter as you simply go and get what she wants. Otherwise, you might be willing to venture into getting something really different or inspiring. Experience days, concerts or a personalised photo album might spark a positive reaction. If the funds are short, sharing the expense with others is likely to yield a fantastic gift as opposed to a dozen or so that may end up forgotten in her loft for years to come

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