Thursday, 8 November 2012

Silly Gift Ideas for Boyfriend at Christmas and Birthdays

A perfect antidote to the dull activity of finding gifts for a boyfriend is to get a funny gift. Not only do funny gifts create enjoyment for the receiver but also the giver, bringing an inherently grumpy gift buyer, such as me, out of the dumps. But what are the best funny gifts for a boyfriend?

Humorous Gifts for a Boyfriend

Serious gifts that overstate sentimentality can get mawkish when overdone. Why not lighten the mood with some truly silly gifts for boyfriend? The sillier the better! Funny gifts say more about the relationship than a generic gift that smacks of the local garage or supermarket that yielded nothing more than a luvvy duvvy bracelet or a pair of socks.

Mug Gifts to Make your Boyfriend Laugh

Tea served in an Angry Birds mug might bring the other ‘alf out of a grumpy mood if your mug gift is trying to say that he looks like an Angry Bird and to ‘snap out of it!’ Mugs with similar insults like those that proclaim ‘this tea tastes like minge.’ ‘I’m a Twat’ mug, or the ultimate: ‘Warning, piss me off today, and you’ll be wearing this f*cking mug!’ may lighten the mood. Or how about a mug that surprises him with the dregs at the bottom once he has enjoyed a nice cuppa! Squidgy poo (fake of course) with a Poo Mug.

A snore-stopper sporting a boxing glove on the end of a stick may also be used as a prodder if you want his attention or simply (most likely) to annoy him or prompt him to make you a cup of tea.

Funny Gifts for a Partner

The camping addict or one given or a wannabe-classic motorhome owner might like a campervan tent. He can boast to his friends that he is a proud owner of a classic WV camper. No one would know the difference if parked in the back garden, unless he wishes to use it as a beer tent for his mates.

For the domestically-challenged man, why not get a ‘man bowl,’ a dish styled like a dog bowl, where from where he might like to eat his breakfast. A talking loo roll hole might spur him to improve his bathroom habits. Each time he tears off some roll, the roll holder will play messages like ‘would you like a receipt for your deposit?’ or something you might like to record yourself – to really personalise it for him. For the cook, he might appreciate a ‘naked apron for men’ showing a six pack and a fake willly.

Silly Christmas Gifts for a Man

For the lazy accountant, the Top Gear’s the Stig money bank might be the answer. Feed the coins in to the Stig’s head and the money-count will display in Stig’s visor. A QI board game may keep him entertained on cold evenings as you work across the board with the intention of proving he is a folly to general ignorance. But if this is too much for his brain matter, how about a game of Minger Trumps? A card game exhibiting mingers with monobrows and treble-chins? Who can resist looking at something scary whilst trying to score points against your partner with this fun card game?

Gifts to Make Your Boyfriend Laugh on Special Occasions

If your boyfriend is a curry-lover, perhaps Ring of Fire After Curry Wet Wipes will come in useful? These wipes are just the ticket, with aloe vera and vitamin E to soothe the inflamed posterior. But if your man is really feeling the heat, perhaps a Borat Mankini might keep him cool when the hot weather returns. As Borat says, ‘I hope you like it, it make you feel like sexy man...yes?’

Novelty Gadget Gifts for Boyfriend
Stocking fillers for Christmas or birthday could supply a little extra, such as Terry the Swearing Turtle, motion activated, when placed on top of a fridge on an office desk, will spur this turtle to pop his head up, swivel his arms and outpour obscenities to startle anyone, particularly your boyfriend. Alternatively, Sat Nag might be just the company he needs in his car, as a patronising, annoying and unhelpful voice ‘guides’ him along the way and ultimately drives him round the bend!
More Funny Ideas for Boyfriend
So there you have it! Never will gift-buying for boyfriend be a drudge for the reluctant gift buyer again. Funny gifts make gift-buying more enjoyable for the giver as well as the receiver and there are lots to choose from, such as insulting mugs, gifts for the domestically-challenged and rude toys. The important thing, however, is that the funny gift says something about what you know about him. Only then will the gift truly tickle his funny bone.

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