Friday, 9 November 2012

Scrooge's Guide to Electrical Accessories for Laptops, Iphones, Digital Cameras and Kindles for Gifts

In this gadget era, it is difficult to find a cheap present that will not reek of a grumpy gift-buying experience and a small purse. Rather than spend lots of money on a new mobile phone or laptop for someone special, why not get a useful accessory to compliment the main gift if someone else can afford to purchase it?

Accessorise for Computers and Smart Phones

If a family member or group of gift-buyers have decided to club together to buy an expensive gift for someone without your knowledge (due to being a grumpy gift-buyer) why stump for cheap toiletries or socks, if a useful accessory will enhance the receiver’s experience of the main gift? There are loads of affordable electrical goods that will come in useful for a home computer, Ipad, digital camera or Kindle.

For starters, a horn amplifier can be used to amplify music or chat by around 16 decibels when wired up to an Iphone, enabling you to keep your hands free. Cheap Gadget Gifts for Computers and Laptops Keyboard cases for the Ipad will transform this giant screen into a laptop, without having to fork out the money to buy one. It has blue-tooth and can be used wired or wirelessly. This useful keyboard will clip onto the Ipad and go into standby when not in use. Great for touch-typists of those not keen on touch screens, such as me.

A compact laptop-tidy to store odds and ends associated with your laptop including USB flash memory sticks, mouse, earphones, wipes and Ethernet cable will keep your mobile home computer tidy and organised.

Silly USB Flash Memory Sticks for Computers

Novelty USB memory sticks yields extra fun to a memory stick. There are loads of funny and novel memory sticks to be had, such as Top Gear’s The Stig memory stick, a Teddy Bear Memory stick, or those that look like food, including roast pork or fortune cookies; animals, such as a humping dog, sheep, gorillas or pandas; flash drives that resemble body parts such as a finger or a willy and many more.

Ideal Electrical Accessory Gifts for Digital Cameras

A photo slide and negative scanner for Iphone or digital camera will enable the receiver to keep a record of visual memories saved on an old format such as 35mm negatives, slides or old Polaroids sized 4x6in and 5x7in. Rediscover old photos and keep in a digital picture file. Imagine finding old images and then being able to share them on Facebook?

Music for the Car Gifts

How about a car music transmitter? This handy car gadget will transmit music and other audio from your Iphone, Ipod or any mobile phone through a 3.5mm jack via your car stereo. It will fit into the cigarette lighter of your car and play music stored in the aforementioned devices. Also has use of a port for charging, makes calls hands-free too.

Another useful gadget for the car is a Nav Mat where the Sat Nav rests rather than having to attach it to the windscreen. This Nav Mat is anti-slip as it has a suction cup. It will remain stable during car journeys and can easily be transferred between vehicles. Police actually recommend it as an anti-theft device as it takes away any evidence of a Sat Nav being present in the car.

Retro Gifts for the Mobile Phone

Those averse to the mobile phone may like to go back to the old-fashioned handset experience. Plug in this old fashioned earpiece into your Iphone to experience the traditional way of communicating, i.e. by talking into a mouthpiece and listening through the earpiece. A very retro experience for those stuck in the past!

Doro Experience for Technophobes

The Doro Experience for Iphones, computers and Ipads might be the ideal gift for people who hate the complicated look of computer screens, Ipads and Android Tablets. This software could be ideal for the young, old, the visually impaired and the technophobe.

This ingenious gadget filters off irrelevant information and simplifies what is displayed into simple elements. Download this software in order to see simple icons and less clutter on your screen, making emailing, surfing and playing games easier for the easily-confused. Can be tailored to suit!

Kindle and Ereader Accessory Gift Ideas

The avid Kindle reader may appreciate a really tiny booklight for Ereader. This LED booklight will clip onto any Ereader so that you can read in the dark. It rotates and is compact for long journeys. Similarly the ultra bright eyelight might come in useful as a desk light when working on paperwork or near on a computer. Of course, Kindle cases, rechargers, screen protectors and styluses can be purchased too.

Cheap Electrical Accessories for Gift Ideas

Why allow your purse to take an unexpected purgation due to a costly laptop or Ipad if you can save face with a useful less expensive accessory to compliment the main gift? Funny USB flash drives, laptop tidies or photo/slide scanners are sure to come in useful when the lucky recipient opens the pressie during the special occasion, and you will look good too!

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