Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Which Health Giving Indoor Plants will Improves Air Quality in the Home?

Finding ways to reduce air pollutants in the home is a common campaign for most, and speaking from the viewpoint of one who lives on a main road, has become of prime importance. Having looked up air ionisers and air humidifiers, have come across the appealing idea of placing air freshening plants around the home. This of course would be a great gift idea for an asthma sufferer or plant lover. But which plants are best for ridding of air pollutants?

Chemicals in the Home

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The typical home contains objects that emit substances that in excess amounts can be detrimental to health, such as chemicals released from carpets, fridges, fires, ventilators, not to mention general air particles and smoke. In the cold winter months, these chemicals become confined, causing stuffy air quality. With the added problem of dust, is it any wonder breathing-related problems, headaches and dry eyes become common, particularly in the winter months?

Great Plants for Improving Air Quality in the Home

A first glance may suggest the solution to poor air quality in the home is to purchase plug in filters and air ionisers, which create negative ions – good for health and general wellbeing, but why not complement this with houseplants? I came across this idea after reading about how certain houseplants remove and break down certain toxins in the air.

Plants provide natural filters to the air by absorbing airborne chemicals and then taking them down into the leaves and roots. Such chemicals include formaldehyde and ammonia, byproducts of manmade fabrics and electrical products. Plants of course, also oxygenate and moisten the air.

Tips to Create Clean Air in the Home

Generally, plants with large leaves will have a bigger effect upon air quality. I prefer low maintenance plants that require little attention. But most such plants should be placed in partial shade, and not close to heat sources or the leaves will dry out. Different houseplants work in different ways and therefore will rid of different chemicals. This means two or three different varieties of houseplant in the home might work more effectively than just one plant type. Also try to dot the plants in equal portions around the house rather than clumped in one room. Try to include at least one in the bedroom, as we spend about a third of our lives there!

Houseplants for Healthy Air

To work most effectively, plants need appropriate care, and this means the right amount of water. Too little can be as bad as too much. Follow the instructions. Look after your plants and they will look after you. Look out for crispy leaves, brown spots and mould.

There is an array of lovely tropical plants to provide the ideal gift for someone concerned over the air quality of the home. But don’t worry if all these Latin names are confusing, virtually any tropical or flowering plant are effective removers of indoor chemicals and pollutants, but remember the’ big leaves’ part mentioned earlier.

The Best Plants for Clean Air

Spider plants and philodendron will rid of the most common chemical found in the household’s air, formaldehyde. Benzene can be broken down with English Ivy and Marginata. Gerbera daisy is an effective remover of trichloroethylene. Other houseplants to consider are: Areca palm, Boston fern, chrysanthemum, peace lily (avoid if a pet owner), Janet Craig, weeping fig, spider plant (avoid if cat owner), fig tree and rubber tree. All these attractive plants have big leaves, some flower, and most are low maintenance. I like the hardy indoor trees, as they make any living room more attractive.
Idea Gift Idea for Health Giving in the Home

A health giving indoor plant might be ideal gift for someone concerned over the air quality of the home, myself included. Living on a busy road as I do, and surrounded with chemical emitting appliances such as fires and fridges might be the antidote.

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