Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Simple Halloween Face Painting Projects

Face painting kids’ faces is such an absorbing activity, before you know it, the Halloween bash is over. But for the first-timer, here are some simple instructions on how to paint Halloween faces, including skulls, vampires and pumpkin heads.

Kid’s Halloween Make up

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Firstly, never use last year’s face paint. Chuck it out, for it will be past its sell-by-date. Buy fresh face paint. Snazaroo cannot be beaten, although Halloween make up kits have Halloween colours. It provides bright colours, good tinting strength and paint that do not smear off easily. To achieve striking results for kids, the following face painting materials are required:

A variety of base paint for the foundation colour of whatever Halloween character is required. In the case of a skull, vampire or ghost, this will be white and grey; a witch, Frankenstein or monster will be green, and a pumpkin head will be orange. A fair amount of base paint is required to cover several kids’ faces. Ensure there is plenty to go round. Stippling the colour with a sponge will create an even finish.

Halloween Party Face Painting

Blending with a little white will add highlights or focal points to the cheeks or chin. Blending a little grey around the temples and under the cheekbones will recreate contours on the face. Going over the same area two or three times will provide a smooth gradation of colours.

Face Paint Supplies

Other equipment the face painter will need is fine face painting pencils and thin brushes. This will come in handy for painting detail such as warts or scars. Fake blood in various shades can be used for dried or fresh blood effects; gel can be used to create raised flesh to make scars look real. A few props such as fake fingers, warts, and fangs will complete the look.

Simple to follow instructions on face painting ensures each child is painted in ten minutes of so. A responsible (older) child would probably be happy to oblige the face painting task.

How to Paint a Skull’s Face for Halloween

The following simple instructions on painting a Halloween skull face will make tings simpler.
  • Dab plenty of white over the face including the lips. Take care around the eyes.
  • Pencil black circles around the eyes for the outlines of the eye sockets. Fill in with black paint to give the impression of eye sockets.
  • Draw bold vertical lines over the lips.
  • Pencil dark triangles on the nose, tapering towards the top of the nose for the nasal cavities.
  • Draw dark shadows beneath the jaw to create a shrunken head look
  • Reinforce the outline of the skull by drawing dark lines around the face.
You can add detail such as blood or cracks on the skull head if desired.

How to Paint Dracula’s Face

Apply the white face paint as described earlier.
  • Brush on grey eye shadow around the eyelids and taper towards the eyebrows.
  • Decorate the face with some swirly patterns.
  • Paint the lips dark red or black.
  • Paint fake blood dribbles from the corner of the lips.
  • Finish off with fake fangs.
Face Painting a Pumpkin Face

Painting a pumpkin is simple to do.
  • Blend plenty of bright orange face paint over the face, adding a little highlights over the cheeks and forehead.
  • Illustrate dark inverted triangles from just above the eyes and tapering on the brow.
  • Paint the whole nose with black paint.
  • Paint black lips, being generous with the outlines.
Simple Halloween Face Painting

Face painting can be as simple or as complex as you wish it to be. Kids, however couldn’t care less so long as they are having fun. But painting favourite Halloween characters on their mushes can be made more convincing with some simple Halloween props, such as fake warts or fangs. When the party is over (unless you are prepared to wash the pillow cases the next day) wipe the face paint off with a warm, soapy flannel.

Face Painting Supplies

Halloween make up and fancy dress
Halloween gifts
Halloween party accessories

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