Friday, 22 October 2010

Fine Bone China Tea Sets for a Domestic Goddess

Buying a house warming or Christmas gift for a house proud neighbour or friend may propel the grumpy gift buyer into a random gift buying mood that may yield a colander or garish plate rack from a poundshop. But an English fine bone china tea set from yesteryear could be the ideal gift.

Collectable Tea Sets

Collecting Susie Cooper (Collecting English Ceramics)
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A tea set for special occasions often has a quality that makes a kitchen look inviting as well as provide an aesthetic focal point. But rather than opt for Debenhams, an M & S tea set or similar from the high street, why not find a discontinued design from the previous decades?

Antique Tea Set Gifts

What may once seem outmoded soon becomes a classic or even an heirloom in the near future. Beautiful tea set designs can be found in the Alfred Meakin or Royal Grafton range. Such classic tea sets can snapped up at auctions, antique shops or even second hand shops. Further collectable tea set designs can be found from the following examples.
  • Royal Worcester
  • Copeland Spode
  • Coalport
  • Shelley
  • Royal Grafton
  • Churchill Crockery
  • Troika
  • Or a crockery maker featuring a designer such as
  • Wedgewood featuring Susie Cooper
  • Broadhurst featuring Kathie Winkle
  • Wedgewood featuring Keith Murray
  • Wade featuring Rowland Emmete
Tea sets made as recently as the 1970s or 1980s have become collectable. Each tea set design is unique and says something about the times. But try not to let the age of the tea set get in the way of visual judgement. Some designs are rather dour and may not be in keeping with the receiver’s tastes, although it might be worth retaining as possible future antique value. Also have a good look for any minor chips or hairline cracks on the crockery.

The Best Vintage Tea Sets

The teapot is often sold separately, or some other item might be missing. If looking to complete a set from different sources, look out for slight colour variations in different batches. A close check of the colour cast will ensure each element of the tea set matches perfectly.

A tea set can be selected to serve two people, four or six. If tea set for six has a damaged saucer, it can be made into a tea set for four. It is worth noting that tea sets for two are exceedingly popular.

Gift Boxed Tea Sets

If a gem of a tea set has been found at a village auction or charity shop, it is worth presenting well. Take the time to have it professionally boxed and gift wrapped. The opening forms part of the giving and a smart gift presentation will enhance the tea set. A collectable tea set will also remain safe in a sturdy gift box and the receiver is likely to keep the box as well.

Period Tea Sets

A gift buyer who is stuck for what to buy a home loving neighbour may earn some accolade if opting for a vintage tea set. Many discontinued designs have become collectable and even valuable. Crockery from as recently as the past decade or two have become sought after and even considered to be an heirloom of the near future. Presented well in a sturdy gift box, a gift wrapped tea set featuring a classic design could be the ideal gift for a home lover.