Monday, 21 December 2015

Does the Candida Diet Really Work? Candida Diary Day Three

On my third day, I can’t really tell if the Candida diet is working. Slightly less tired getting up, but still looking puffy round the eyes with the usual coating on the tongue. I feel vaguely nauseous all day, and am off my food. This is surprising, as I was expecting sugar cravings. Could it be the acidophilus warring with the Candida in my gut?

Quick Candida Yogurt Breakfast

Had Greek style yogurt with desiccated coconut and a little flaxseed mixed together, like yesterday. As I am not hungry anyway, it satisfied my appetite in a rudimentary way. Have adapted the Besam flour recipe I used yesterday, as I found chickpea flour somewhat bitter. It perhaps might suit curries or other spicy dishes. Here, I added other ingredients that might enhance the flavour.

Garlic and Herb Besam Flatbread

Besam Flatbread can be Flavoured in Various Ways
Here I added a garlic and onion granules with herb to the Besam flour to create a little flavour. Served with garlic butter and a garnish of salad was all I wanted for lunch.

4.5 g of Besam flour
Salt and pepper
Dried garlic
Pinch of parsley and chives.
Pinch of garlic granules
200 floz water

Again, I gradually mixed the water to the flour to create a battery consistency and then fried in coconut oil (olive oil will do). Cook on each side for around 3 minutes.

For tea, I had mixed salad on the side of poached salmon. As can be seen from today’s menu, I believe I have kept well away from the old refined carbs, wheat and gluten. On the lead up to Christmas, I have found myself constantly refusing the offers of chocolates. I don’t really want them. My stomach is really off, although I am not constipated.

Coconut Butter for Dry Scalp and Skin

Coconut Butter for Dry Skin
I used the coconut butter in various ways today. I put a tablespoon of it into my bath and let it melt into the water. My skin felt silky after a half-hour soak. I also followed a tip to ease my dry scalp. I massaged a little coconut butter into my scalp, lightly coating my hair before bed, and slept with a bath cap on. If the cap is uncomfortable during the night, you can place a towel over the pillow instead. Next day, after washing the coconut oil off with Alum Atum shampoo, my hair looked silkier than it has done for months.

I will practice this tip regularly.

Towards the evening, I felt a little better. My eyes didn’t have that stinging sensation that has plagued me most evenings from around 8.30-9pm. Private itching didn’t come on until later than usual (9pm-ish). But when it did, it was back to the old scratching ritual.

After my low carb dinner with acidophilus tablet, I felt horribly tired, dry eyes came on with the dry mouth. Oh, well! Going to bed, I felt awful. Nauseous and blurry eyed. Not a new experience. Will keep hoping this diet will show signs soon.