Monday, 21 December 2015

Does the Candida Diet Really Work? Candida Diary Day One

I have just completed a course of antibiotics and am now on my first day to see if the Candida diet really works. I have suffered a vague cluster of symptoms all my life and decided to make big changes to my diet, cutting out sugar and grains from my diet. Read about my Candida type symptoms on my other post, and the course of action I am taking. See also the rest of my candida diet diary.

Candida Breakfast

Greek Yogurt, Coconut and Seeds for Breakfast
I am new at this, and am learning things along the way. In a quest to cut carby wheat from my diet, I had oats and coconut flakes in yoghurt for breakfast. I had prepared it the night before, so the dry ingredients were soft and palatable. In a cup or small beaker, I put in about 3-5 tablespoons of natural Greek style yogurt and mixed in a tablespoon each of oats and coconut flakes. I wasn’t hungry anyway, so didn’t feel I needed more. With this, I took acidophilus and a generic vitamin tablet.

Energy: Finding it hard to get up today. No surprise. Have felt this way for a long time, and didn’t expect early miracles on the Candida diet. Felt sluggish going shopping and my joint ached in a vague way, almost like flu symptoms, but not so bad that I couldn’t function.

Symptoms of Changing Diet

Yogurt, Seeds and Coconut
Appearance: Puffy and dark beneath the eyes. Eyes feel gluey, getting dry in the evening. By nine o’clock, I could not watch TV or read comfortably. This has been a problem on and off for years, and have to use eye drops. They work for an hour before my eyes get dry again. Red around the rims.

Other notables: Having a bad breakout of itchy skin in private area due to finishing a course of antibiotics. Possible thrush. Gets worse at night. Rash on inner elbow, itchy back and dry scalp.

Feel generally nauseous all day with bloating. Oddly, I don’t crave carbs or sweets. The symptoms have put me off my food.

My biggest problem is finding a substitute for bread and biscuits, as the craving will hit when I am caught out with only sweet snacks in the cupboard. It’s hard to find anything suitable for the Candida diet in the average British supermarket. In a quest for the low carb bread, bought Polish bread, which is very low in carb, being only 45%. It is packed with rye, oats and wholegrain. Only afterwards did I realise it contains yeast and rye; two a no-nos in the Candida diet. So I will improve on this tomorrow.

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