Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Does the Candida Diet Really Work? Candida Diary Day Five

I am asking the question whether the Candida diet really works. I have had a sugar addiction throughout my life and a tendency to eat wheat because it is the most convenient source of food in the UK. Pasta, bread, pastries, cakes, biscuits and more. When hungry, I just reached for the nearest, most convenient source of food. I have been munching at too many cookies per day and eating toast instead of watching what I eat. This has been going on throughout my life.

The Candida Experiment

Now on my fifth day of a wheat, gluten and low sugar diet, I could say I feel slightly less tired on rising, but have had days like these before starting this diet. My eyes and mouth are slightly less dry. My tongue is still coated, and I began to feel tired at mid morning. It seems my Candida symptoms come and go at random throughout the day. I had private itching this morning, but eased later. That is an issue I would like to say goodbye to forever.

Low Carbohydrate Breakfast

Again, I had a low carb, wheat free breakfast. Plain yoghurt with coconut flakes and flaxseed.  Some might find this bland and unsatisfying, but honestly can’t say I want anything else, as my appetite is shot anyway. Have experienced vague nausea, dry mouth with a stale taste. I am also taking an acidophilus tablet twice a day (with breakfast and evening meal) with a general vitamin tablet.

Candida Free Lunch

Buckwheat and Besam Flour Dough
My main problem is finding something to substitute bread and biscuits when the cravings or hunger pangs hit. This usually occurs around mid morning and in the evening. At the moment, I am experimenting with flatbread recipes which do satisfy.

Besam (chickpea flour) is rather bitter and Buckwheat (milled seed) is rather dry and grey. For this reason, I tried a recipe that combines both, and it worked really well. I also discovered that so long as the dough holds together, you don’t have to ‘fry’ the flatbread in oil, but dry fry it in a hot pan. Here is the recipe.

Besam and Buckwheat Flatbread

Mix half and half Besam and buckwheat flour to 4.5g
Add a pinch of salt and pepper.
Add a pinch of raising agent. I used baking powder.
Add water and knead into a soft dough (somewhere between 100 to 200 mls)
Make 3 to 4 dough balls, and leave to stand for half an hour or so.
Flatten into a pancake shape and dry fry on a large hot saucepan for around 2 to 3 mins per side.

Buckwheat & Besam Flatbread Lunch
The result is a nice, creamy coloured flatbread that goes nice with anything. Here I spread a little garlic and herb butter whilst hot and had a size garnish of olives and salad.

For a sweet snack, you can rub a little Stevia over the surface and sprinkle a little lemon juice or spread a little Tahini (sesame seed spread) over the surface. Nice with a cuppa tea.

I am avoiding wheat, gluten and high carbs. I have Buckwheat flour and chickpea (Besam) flour at my disposal, but will experiment with other flours during my journey.

Dry Eye Cure?

This evening I noticed my eyes weren’t dry at all. They usually go dry at around 9pm in the evening with an uncomfortable stinging sensation, as though the rims had been doused in vinegar. It’s a horrible sensation, accompanied with blurred vision. It gets to the point where I cannot watch TV or read. This is really one of the key reasons why I am trying out this Candid diet...for my eyes.

I went to bed without that chafing sensation of my eyes and eyelids. I read somewhere that there appears to be a link between alleviating dry eyes with taking probiotics. I am trying not to get exited, as I have had ‘good’ days before embarking this diet. What I am looking for now is a sustained effect. Will this continue? My eyes are particularly dry during menstruation. Blood loss and dry eyes often go hand in hand in my experience. Time will tell.

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