Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Does the Candida Diet Really Work? Candida Diary Day Six

I woke up without dry eyes. I am cautiously optimistic. As can be deduced here, I am trialling the Candida diet to see if it really works. I have been plagued with dry eyes on and off for years, with recurrent conjunctivitis with other Candida-related symptoms including mood swings, eczema, itching and dry hair.

Brain Fog and Candida

By the way, it took me a few prompts to remember that word...conjunctivitis. It’s frustrating. Apparently, ‘brain fog’ is a feature of Candida. I have to write things down in order to remember what I need to do and often ask people what ‘that word is.’

Anyway, back to a general health report. I’m not feeling so tired today, but my tongue is still coated. Can’t wait for that horrible coating to go. I had the usual low carb, high fibre breakfast of plain yogurt mixed with a choice of ground seeds (pumpkinseed, flaxseed or sunflower seed, sesame seed and ground coconut). I used different seeds or different combination of seeds for variety. I’m not bored with it yet. Once I find this unsatisfying, will go onto porridge or a high protein breakfast such as eggs and bacon.

My appetite is still not good, so this small breakfast suited me.

Tiredness hit at around lunchtime, as I had a lot of housework to do for Christmas. By the way, starting the Candida diet is probably not wise at this time of year, but I am keen to say goodbye to these symptoms, I’d rather not wait until New Year.

Ingredients for my Favorite Flatbread
For lunch, I had Besam and Buckwheat flatbread that I made yesterday (it keeps fresh in the fridge) with olives, salad and garlic butter.

Besam on its own has a bitter, nutty taste with a creamy colour. Buckwheat on its own is very dry and grey. But used together makes a nice flatbread. The Buckwheat mellows that bitter beany taste of the Besam, and the Besam adds texture and colour to the buckwheat. I will be using the recipe in the future, but will experiment with other flours in due course. Quinoa for one.

Stevia in Cooking

I saved a spare piece of flatbread to sprinkle a little Stevia on top. I love Stevia. If used in certain ways, it is the best sweetener there is for Candida. I find it best sprinkling it on things rather than cooking with it. It is also a great sweetener for a hot lemon drink if feeling nauseous.

Dry Eyes and Tiredness

My tiredness came and went throughout the day but still got a lot done. The dryness to my eyes came on later than usual (almost 11pm) when it usually comes on at 9ish. I had no dryness at all yesterday which was great. My right eye usually gets dry before my left. Update, the dryness went off soon afterwards and I was able to read. Still, I do not expect improvement in a smooth gradual fashion, but fits and starts.

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