Saturday, 21 May 2011

Katie and the Magic Teapot’s Voyage in the Oceans

Katie's Magic Teapot
My children’s picture book, Katie and the Cosmic Pandas’ Deep Sea Voyage offers something different for young kids wanting to learn about the creatures that inhabit the deep.

A Fantasy Book for Kids

The story is in fact the sequel to my first children’s book, Katie’s Magic Teapot and the Cosmic Pandas, which follows Katie’s journey through the cosmos in her magic flying teapot and in the company of her friends the cosmic pandas. This time the teapot ventures deep under the oceans to encounter all sorts of strange creatures within.

A learning Book for Children

Katie's Magic Teapot Encounters a Turtle
My picture book begins when Katie enjoys a day out at the seaside with her mummy and daddy, only to find her old friends the cosmic pandas jump out of the teapot and onto the sand. Before Katie knows it, she is floating in her teapot towards the sea.

She encounters a huge school of fish, followed by a manta ray, a coral reef, a humpback whale, a turtle, penguins, and much, much more. All the illustrations have been completed in oils in great detail. Children will learn in a highly visually way the nature of the creatures that can be found in the oceans. The pictures reveal more upon close examination, including the markings on a turtle, suckers on an octopus and the spines on a puffer fish. The question poses itself will Katie ever find any treasure? Well, not quite in the way she expects.

Visual Learning Book for Kids

The Magic Teapot Floats within Bubbles
My book’s dimensions are consistent with most children’s picture books, in that it is 32 pages and around 1000 words long and is 8X10in in size. The original paintings are 12x15in, and the double-paged images are 24x15in. Screenshots of images give you an idea of how the interior of my book looks. The list price on Amazon is around $12.50 but is available on Kindle for around $2.50 (or around £1.50) depending where you are. Of course, the formatting for a kindle book is very different to a print book, but all the essential elements are identical.

So if looking for a different kind of picture book for girls or boys, this could be what you are looking for. Bursting with detailed colour images of oceanic creatures, and from the viewpoint of a young girl in a magic flying teapot, this story is certain to create an experiences children will not forget.

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