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I Don't Know Which Kindle Reader to Buy

Confused by all the Kindle ereaders on the market? Well, choosing the best kindle gift for a particular person can be straightforward with a little basic knowledge, as one kindle might not suit another person. Currently there are five Kindle models available, but no doubt this number will increase in the future and prices will change. Here is a list of the Kindle models available to assist with the gift buyer’s selection.

What to Expect from a Kindle Reader

All Kindle models have in common lots of storage space for ebooks, emagazines, games, documents and newspapers as well as free cloud storage (remote storage space to keep your Kindle uncluttered). All have Wi-Fi, browsers and long battery life (although the newest model, the Kindle Fire is a little shorter than the rest as it also plays movies). All have ‘E Ink Technology’ which means the text remains crisp even in direct sunlight and so prevents eyestrain. All have built-in dictionaries and software to adjust font size. All Kindles except the Kindle Fire have a monochromatic screen.
This is all well and good, but which Kindle do you buy for a particular someone?

The Kindle – the Most Compact and Cheapest of all Kindles

This Kindle is the smallest and lightest of all models at 6.5x4.5in and only .34in deep, ideal for keeping in a small bag, wallet or back pocket. Its simplicity is perhaps best suited to the first time Kindle owner who still hasn’t made the full transition from hard copy books. It might also be the ideal gift for the technophobe who simply wants to get on with reading without too much technology. student whose main concern is cost or of losing a costly gadget. At only $79 this need not be a major concern.

The Kindle Touch and the Kindle Touch 3G – Lots More Storage Space

The next model up is the Kindle Touch, a little larger at 6.8x4.7in and .40in deep, it is still remarkably compact for its huge memory bank, double that of the aforementioned Kindle, able to hold around 3000 books for the serious bookworm. This Kindle model also has a longer battery life at around 2 months and has the benefit of a touch screen. The Kindle Touch also has the option of Kindle Touch 3G model. 3G simply means the Kindle works like a Cellphone without the cost, ideal for people who do not have a wireless router or fast internet connection at hand. The 3G will come in useful for the traveller or commuter who likes to browse for books when Internet connection is not at hand.

The Kindle Keyboard or the Kindle Keyboard 3G For Note Making

This Kindler reader has a keyboard for those who like to make notes and look up words. A little larger than the above, at 7.5x4.8in and .34in deep, this Kindle reader also has a built in PDF reader for viewing documents. Like the Kindle Touch mentioned above, you also have the option of the Kindle Keyboard 3G for people who cannot get an internet signal.

Kindle DX the Largest Kindle Model for Reading Large Print

A little more costly than the Kindles mentioned so far, the Kindle DX measures 10.4x7.2in and is .45in deep. You can rotate this reader portrait or landscape mode as preferred and has a free 3G for wireless browsing. No worries about finding an internet signal. The screen being larger than the other Kindles might be ideal for people with poor eyesight, as large font on a small screen permits but a few words per line, which can be off-putting. This makes the Kindle DX ideal for people who habitually read large print books. The DX model also has a PDF reader.

The Kindle Fire the Multi Media Colour Kindle

The newest Kindle, the Kindle Fire displays in colour. A multi-media Kindle, this model can store books, songs, games and movies. Compact for all that, this model measures 7.5x4.7in and is 0.45in deep and with the biggest memory of all, with 8GB. One advantage of the Kindle Fire is that it is half the price of the Apple Ipad. The Fire of course is ideal for those who want to view in colour, whether it is art books, children’s illustrations or simply watching movies. Amazon Silk enables fast browsing too. This model perhaps would suit someone who loves the latest, most colourful and modern innovations and for someone who wants to do more than read books on their Kindle.

Which Kindle is the Best Gift?

A Kindle can be found for just about anyone’s needs, whether that person does not always have internet connection to browse by, needs large print, requires something compact or likes to have a multi function for their Kindle. No doubt in the future, there will be further innovations, competitive prices and added features as well as more Kindle models.

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