Thursday, 17 November 2011

Silly Party Games for the Family to Liven a Dull Holiday

Christmas holidays, birthdays or rainy weekends can sometimes wear thin when spending time with the family. Well, this need not be like pulling teeth if the best family games are at hand. I have found the sort of games most families would love, regardless of age and with good reviews.

Fun Party Games for the Holidays

Never mind ordinary Charades, how about Reverse Charades? Winner of 9 awards including the Laugh Out Loud Award which this game certainly cause. The aim is to act out as many words as possible in 60 seconds with the choice of around 700 silly words to keep the family in hysterics. With time as an element, family members are sure to look ridiculous during play.

Party Games for the Family

Telestration is a sort of Chinese Whispers’ version of Pictionary. Each member picks a card listed with named items, for example, a dog, a castle etc. On the first page of the ‘Telestration,’ (an erasable 8 page booklet) the opponent must draw a picture of a numbered object. The next person writes down what they think the person has drawn. The next person draws a picture of what the prior person has written down and so forth until all 8 pages of the Telestration are completed. Once the Telestration has done its round, it is time to reveal what people have put, which is guaranteed laughs. The game needs 8 players for maximum laughs.

Yet More Novel Games for the Family

Wits & Wagers creates a level playing field between Trivia buffs and those who groan at the idea of quizzes. The aim of the game is not to answer a question correctly (the questions are purposefully obscure, like what is the speed of the fastest recorded fish?) but to make bets on your components’ guesses using chips and keeping track of their bets with ‘bet markers.’ The component who comes closest to the correct answer (as the answers are numerical) without going over, wins all the chips. This is a game that really combines the fun of trivia with betting.

How to Create a Fun Family Party

North Star Games’ Say Anything has a similar spin to Wits & Wagers but settles hot debates between family members such as ‘if you could have anything big, what would it be?’ All players write their answer to the question posed. The aim of each player is to guess who gave what answer.

Daring Games for Families

Loaded Questions is sure to present laughs and surprises as it tests your knowledge of other people’s opinions. Correct answers to how another person answers a ‘loaded question’ advances you around the gameboard. Loaded questions include: ‘who is the loudest in this room?’, ‘which 3 creatures would you rid of from this planet?’ and ‘what are you afraid of?’ A game for getting to know your components better.

Fun Educational Board Game

Mattel’s Apples to Apples Party Box is a hilarious game that is easy to play. An award-winning board game (Best Party Game of the Year), Apples is a card game, where red cards exhibiting nouns are dealt between players. The judge draws a green card exhibiting an adjective and places it where all can see. Each player chooses their own red card which they think best represents the adjective. The judge then decides which card best describes the adjective. Unexpected comparisons can be found between nouns and adjectives, some of which will create laughs, such as ‘first kiss’ with ‘dandruff.’ A reverse version of Apples can be played where each player chooses a red card that they think least represents the adjective.

Secret to a Painless Holiday Period

Lulls in times of celebration such as Christmas, birthdays or holidays can be livened up with funny board games for the family. The secret is to find a board game suitable for children as well as adults, with easy-to-understand rules and which will yield laughs almost instantly.

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