Thursday, 17 November 2011

The Best Games to Promote Creativity in Children

Getting your kids off the computer or the TV can seem an impossible task. Often, they appear bored when you tell them what you did before the advent of computer games, like play solitaire or read a book. Developing your child’s creative skills need not be difficult if the learning toy is fun and stimulates the child’s creative juices at the same time. Here are some suggestions.

Story Maker for Children

Making up stories can be made fun with Rory’s Story Cubes. This toy promotes artistic expression and storytelling skills via story cubes (9 in all with pictures on each side) that can be played groups, in solitaire, an icebreaker or fun what-ifs. Simply roll the cubes and use your imagination, either alone or in collaboration. Odd combinations are sure to stretch the creative brain to make connections. Go to to view stories other users have come up with by using these cubes.

Word Making Kits for Kids

Bananagrams, a simple-to-understand game for Scrabble rookies is also great for developing spelling, logic and strategy. This game is perhaps best played between children of a similar age for a level playing field. This award-winning game comprises numerous letter tiles which are shared between players. Unlike Scrabble, all letters are worth the same, players play independently of each other and speed is the essence. The first player to create a ‘crossword’ by using all the tiles must shout ‘bananas’ to win. It’s as simple as that. With great reviews, this game is ideal for keeping kids occupied during travel or on a wet afternoon. Appleletters is a similar game but adds the extra challenge that you can only attach a word via a first or last letter like Dominoes.

Make Kids Use Their Imagination

Voted Best Party Game of the Year, Mattel’s Apples to Apples is ideal for kids wishing to get to grips with adjectives and nouns, but in a fun way. Red cards showing nouns are dealt to each player. A judge places a green card showing an adjective in view or all. Each player must then select a red card that they think best represent the adjective. The judge awards the person with the closest associations. Weird and funny associations will be found that will sure to bring laughs as well as developing creative use of language.

Creative Games for Kids

Finding a gift toy for kids that promote creative learning whilst having fun will be greatly appreciated by parents who begin to worry about their kids getting square eyes. The best games are those that promote social interaction, lateral thinking and strategy-developing as well as games that concentrate upon the core curriculum. And as a bonus, a game that will keep kids out of your hair whilst your are reading, watching TV or falling asleep. Sadly, it is likely you will find yourself involved with some of these creative games and discovering you could do with a little cerebral honing yourself.

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