Sunday, 1 May 2016

Why You Shouldn’t Use Curry’s PC World and Know

Curry’s PC World and Know How between them offer awful customer service. This is what happened to me.

My old oven having packed in, I ordered a new oven on 10 December 2015 from Curry’s PC World in plenty of time for Christmas and New Year.

My money went out of my account on the same day and I received a confirmation email that informed me my oven would arrive on Tuesday 15 December 2015 between 7 and 7 (outlined in red on the screenshot).

Curry's confirmation email. Highlighted in red is the delivery date of my oven.

Great, I thought. Just in time for Christmas and New Year. I can now invite my family and friends round!

I waited all day and my oven did not turn up.

I tried to contact Curry’s/PC World via their phone numbers, 0344 5611234 and 0344 5610000, but the options did not enable me to speak to a person.

Surprise, surprise!

Instead, I had to go through the automated message rigmarole that requested a 10 digit number beginning with 74 or a 6 digit number. I wasn’t supplied with either.

Surprise, surprise!

I emailed Curry’s/PC World instead, hoping to get a human response.

My email to Curry's

My email got no reply.

Surprise, surprise!

But then, on 16 December 2015, I got a confusing email informing me my order was prepared for delivery. No reference to my email.

Curry;s confusing email

Errr, what?

Again, I was not supplied with a reference number to investigate what Curry’s/PC World were on about.

Then on 17 December 2015, I was telephoned by Curry’s PC/World to be told that there had been a cockup about my order. My oven will not arrive until January 17 2016.

Is this a joke?

The ‘man’ then blithely supplied me with the 10 digit reference number I should have been given from the start. This number is used to track my order via

What good is that number now? I will have to cancel all my Christmas and New Year Arrangements.

Disappointed, I asked for compensation for my ruined holiday period and for waiting in all day for a non-delivery when I could have been spending my day Christmas shopping.

All the man did was offer a paltry 10% compensation which I told him I thought insufficient.

I asked for his name so that I could begin complaints procedures and (this is exactly how it happened) the line crackled and went dead.

How strange that the line went dead at the precise moment he was going to give me his name. Hmmm.

I wrote a letter of complaint to Curry’s/PC World on 21 December 2015 outlining all these issues. This is the response that I got, which didn't arrive until January 13 2016.

Curry's letter

As the screenshot shows, they have failed to address any of my concerns, only in keeping me in the dark about what will been done about the poor customer service, which will be dealt with 'in house.'

I wrote back, expressing my dissatisfaction with this response, particularly about the...

Curry’s PC world’s Shoddy Verbal Agreement

The ‘man-with-no-name’ used a little loophole to get the customer to agree to a measly compensation for their mistakes. Curry’s/PC World can then fob off the customer with the excuse they cannot raise the refund because of the ‘verbal agreement.’ The caught-off-guard, the elderly and the vulnerable will certainly be suckered.

In the meantime,

No response.

I wrote again on 13 March 2016. It is now 2 May 2016.

Still no response.

By the way, I still haven’t received any compensation whatsoever.

Well done. Curry’s PC World and, you have earned yourself a post on my blog, open to be read by anyone thinking of using your inadequate services.