Does the Candida Diet Really Work? Day Fourteen of my Experiment

Does the Candida Diet really work? Day Fourteen. I have just completed a seven day course of antibiotics after a setback on discovering I have a Strep G infection. Obviously, this will affect the results of my experiment to see if the candida diet really works. Read about why I began the candida diet.

Probiotics and Antibiotics

Despite the setback with antibiotics (penicillin-based) I continued with my diet of cutting sugar and wheat. I also continued to take probiotics and anti-candida agents.  It is well known, that antibiotics will not only kill the infection, but the good bacteria that live in the gut, leaving it open to candida to flourish. For this reason, I feel this experiment will have to survive the ultimate test.

I considered not taking the probiotics, but read that it is good to keep taking them despite the antibiotics, and saw no harm in doing so.

Conjunctivitis and Candida

Recurrent Conjunctivitis
My left eye became irritated and red for no apparent reason. It feels like grit or an eyelash has got under the eyelid, but there is nothing there. My eye was particularly swollen and red this morning despite washing it out with an eyewash the day before. Inflammation of the eye is something that occurs regularly throughout the last ten years or so, and is one of the reasons why I am trialling the candida diet.

Although I have lost a little weight, my stomach still has that bloated look, as though in the early stages of pregnancy. I am not overweight, but perhaps the candida might be to blame. I am also tired this morning, although I felt better later.

Although I am disappointed with this recurrent conjunctivitis and stubborn symptoms, have noticed my tongue is completely clear of the white coating that is indicative of candida overgrowth. I don’t remember my tongue ever being this clear. But this might be due to the antibiotics. Let’s see if the clear result continues. The images demonstrate the white stuff receding over the weeks.

Oral Candida Clearing after 14 Days on the Diet
At present, I am having either Greek style plain yoghurt with a choice of wheat free grain mixed in (oats, quinoia, millet and/or coconut flakes. Or I will have porridge, sweetened with stevia for breakfast.

Otherwise, I have soups with vegetables or roast dinners with a small amount of potatoes and wheat and gluten free bread. Roast dinners with plenty of veg (easy on the spuds) can be eaten without restriction, so I have not gone hungry.

I have had the odd one chocolate (Christmas and New Year is not the best time to begin the candida diet) and one glass of wine. This is nothing compared to the amount of chocolate and biscuits I used to eat. Strangely, I don’t miss these sweets that much. But I need to find something snacky to replace them.

Natural Mouth Wash

In the evenings, I have a tonic of hot water with a few drops of lemon, sweetened with Stevia with a pinch of ginger and cloves. Not the best tasting drink, but it really leaves that cleansing feeling in the mouth that beats any mouthwash. Cloves, apparently is one of the most powerful antifungals there is, as it contains a substance called eugenol. Other antifungals include garlic, onions and cinnamon. Turmeric is a good anti inflammatory agent. However, these spices do not taste good together. I prefer to choose a blend that go together and change the ingredients each evening.

The jury is still out on whether the candida diet really works.

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