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I Don't Know What to Buy a Baby Boy as a Christening Present

Finding a boy’s christening present can be a headache if this is one’s first present for a baby. The traditional view that boy’s gifts must be blue or feature trucks may colour the type of gift sought for. Of course there are lots of gift ideas for a christening occasion, but how does the grumpiest gift buyer avoid buying the wrong gift for a little boy?

Traditional Gift Ideas for a Baby Boy's Baptism Ceremony

One’s first thought when buying a gift for a boy’s christening, is to go the traditional route. Such gifts might be predominantly blue or silver. This issue has been discussed in my other article on buying gifts for a little girl, but similarly may comprise of a cute photograph mounted in a frame, a family christening album, christening mug, cute money box, rings or a silver spoon. Boy’s clothes or cute toys might predominantly be blue, white or green and may show the name of the boy. But why go the customary route when there are more novel gift ideas for a baby boy?

Lucky Gifts for Baby Boy

The Royal Mint provides lucky coins for baby, such as a lucky sixpence, lucky silver penny, a Britannia silver coin or a coin collector proof set. The collection changes every year and is a limited edition. Each of these gifts are guaranteed to increase in value in years to come, providing the perfect heirloom for baby boy and could even spur a lifelong hobby.

Novel Gifts for Boy’s Baptism Ceremony

Name a star gift set enables the parents to name a star after the baby. Most stars in our galaxy remain unnamed, so why not name one after him? Inside this gift box, you will information about the star, most importantly, its coordinates, plus a huge star chart. Engraved birth stones representing the month of boy’s birth could provide the ideal sparkling ornament for his room.

Personalised Gift Ideas for Boy’s Christening

Find an array or novel silver money boxes shaped like Noah’s ark, pirate ships, football boot, trains, carousels, diggers or animals to say something about boy’s personality, background or family. These money boxes look attractive in their own right and would look good on the boy’s window shelf as an ornament, perhaps alongside his aforementioned birth stone.

Personalise the boy’s music CD or picture book by having his name put into the lyrics or text. Or how about a personalised singing teddy bear? Many kiddie items can now be personalised with an engraving of his name, such as rattle, a silver dummy, cutlery, jewellery and bibs. Save his first curl or tooth within an attractive silver engraved trinket box.

Christening Gifts for Boy or Girl

The following gift ideas would suit boy or girl, such as a mounted image showing baby’s footprint or handprint. A personalised yearbook informing on the important events of the boy’s birth could provide enlightening reading once boy has come of age, as well as a personalised family tree book, bearing photos, letters and information on the boy’s surname and ancestors. Of course, a gift pack for little boy and the mum could earn the grumpiest gift buyer some extra points for thinking of mum (or for that matter, dad) too. Pampering gifts or handmade chocolates or vouchers for an experience day would be ideal for a new parent.

Hand Made Gifts for Christening of Boy

A baby shower could surprise with one or two handmade gifts for the boy. How about a cross-stitch image to commemorate this special occasion or a handmade scented christening candle bearing his name? Other ideas include gift card, hand-knitted socks, booties, hat or a hand-embossed bible bearing a personal message.

Baptism Gift Ideas for Baby Boys

Finding the right gift for a boy is not as easy as for a girl (from my experience) but there are plenty of gift ideas such as the traditional silver cutlery, framed photo, cute toys or personalised album. But you could find something a little different in the form of novel money boxes, birth stones or trinket boxes for his first tooth. Lucky coins from the Royal Mint could be the perfect heirloom of the future or Name a Star adds that surprise element to a christening ceremony. Handmade gift ideas such as scented candles or a hand-embossed bible conveys the message that extra effort had been put into the christening gift.

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