Does the Candida Diet Really Work? Day Eighteen: After Christmas and Antibiotics

Candida Albicans is a sneaky parasite that robs your life of energy and health via the gut. This according to health books and homeopathic sites is the cause of most ills in this modern sugar-loving society. Well, after 18 days of my trial, I am still waiting to be convinced that the candida diet truly works. I have followed the 3 basic rules of the anti-candida regime: cut carbs take anti fungal agents and take probiotics.

Candida Diet and Christmas

Sugar Free Christmas
I have begun this trial at the worst time of the year, just before Christmas. This means I have felt the pressures of this festive season in indulging like everyone else. I have managed to cut 90% of my usual sugar intake, but have had one glass of wine, eaten a Christmas pudding and had a chocolate or two. This isn’t so bad when I think of sugar I used to consume. Still, the diet demands to be strict and cut as much sugar as you can. Apart from these transgressions, I have managed to steer clear of sugar for over 18 days.

Best Time to Begin Candida Diet

The trouble is, I have felt below par for many years and have experienced a downward spiral in energy and wellbeing which is impacting upon my appearance. I didn’t want to wait until after the New Year to begin this trial. Read about why I began the candida diet.

Another setback is been having to take two courses of antibiotics over the December period because of a short illness and a strep G infection. Antibiotics is not a good thing if you want to rid of candida, for it will leave your gut vulnerable to a rebound of thrush.

 Despite having to do this, I have continued to take probiotics and eaten healthily.

Cutting Sugar from Diet
Candida in the New Year

At day eighteen, I feel rotten again, as though my diet hadn’t changed at all. A light coating has redeveloped over my tongue after a clear period, (which might be a rebound from completing my antibiotics around day 14). Energy levels are rock bottom and I have had a vague headache all day.

In the evening, my eyes have become as dry as sandpaper. My left eye is always drier than the right. Watching TV or reading is always difficult in the evening. In the mornings, my eyes are looking bloodshot and inflamed. My skin continues to itch, particularly at night. Well, let’s see what happens now that I am done with those darned antibiotics and Christmas out of the way. With the New Year beginning, I feel I am ahead of the game. I feel crap, but things could be worse if I had not changed my diet at all.

Weight Loss with Candida Diet

But I have lost weight. My jeans feel a little baggier, which is great, but not the number one result I was hoping for.

This morning I had quinoa, oat bran and millet porridge. It is bitter and nutty, even with the sprinkling of xylitol. Xylitol by the way is a low carb sweetener derived from a herb. It is not quite as sweet as sugar, but takes off that bitter taste of low carb foods. A stir fry with low carb noodles for tea and plain yoghurst snacks will stave off the hunger pangs for today.

Despite this downward turn and the hampering of my experiment, I am feeling optimistic. As well as following the three rules, I am taking general vitamin tablets, vitamin D, evening primrose, a tablet for ‘hair, skin and nails’ and a probiotic with meals.

A New Year, a fresh start, antibiotic-free and free from the pressures of Christmas.

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