Thursday, 16 June 2016


Chronic migraine has hampered a large part of my adult life, sometimes occurring twice every month. As the pain is not confined to the head, I believe this horrible condition is part of something bigger. This is why I feel the definition ‘a bad headache’ is terribly inaccurate.

This inspired me to write my second book, ‘Migraine: Part of Something Bigger…’ under my pen name, Phoebe Greene, dedicated to the sufferer of migraines.

Help for the Migraineur

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After suffering a health crisis, where various ‘gremlins’ began to sap the quality from my life, including hair loss and chronic fatigue, I decided to conduct dietary trials which inspired me to write my first book, Low Body Temperatures but Not Hypothyroid. One of the aims of my research was migraine elimination.

My second book concentrates solely upon preventing migraines. Snippets of information from my first book can be found where applicable, but the subject of migraines is covered in much greater depth.

With dozens of photos and illustrations and over 15,000 words, this book provides an easy but in-depth read on how migraines occur and how they can be prevented.

Body Temperatures and Migraines

The Migraine Trust and the NHS state that the cause of migraines is ultimately unknown, but I have unearthed the chief triggers to be:

Estrogen dominance
Overproduction of the stress hormones cortisol, adrenaline and noradreline
And candida albicans.

Between them, they wreak havoc upon the endocrine system, exhausting the adrenals and deflating the output of other hormones throughout the body. Further, a sugary diet, stress and chemicals in certain products overload the liver, which underperforms because the body’s thermogenesis is malfunctioning.

Little surprise such a huge upheaval has repercussions in the form of migraine.

Supported by scholarly articles and authorative websites, I discovered a way of reducing the incidence and intensity of my migraines to a point where they now seldom occur.  Hormonal equilibrium is key. I believe most migraineurs can also do the same.

Find also a guide to the endocrine system, a guide to other treatment for migraines and an anti-migraine diet.

This book on migraines is a must for migraine sufferers.