Monday, 12 November 2012

Christmas Lego Kits for Kids: do These Toys Have Fun Value all Year Round?

The selection of Lego kits available nowadays are just mind-boggling compared to the basic Lego kits of my childhood. I was lucky to build anything but a four-walled house with a tiled roof. Now kids can build campervans, helicopters and Lego scenes with actions figures and moving parts. There are even Lego kits for Christmas. But unlike the aforementioned list, do these Xmas Lego themes have adequate fun value on other times of the year? According to Lego, Christmas can be all year round.

Lego Kits for the Holiday Season

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You can get an array of Christmas Lego scenes such as Lego Winter Village Cottage with sleighs, snowploughs and a chainsaw for mini figure dad. (Hmm, the things I could do with a chainsaw at Christmas!).
Or how about the Winter Village Post Office with forest, fireplace, mini figures and cosy furniture? You even get a brick that lights up. Move aside Kids, I could have fund with that!

Christmas Lego Village Bakery

Kids could get inspired with the Winter Village Bakery which lights up in the dark, with horse, cart, Christmas trees and 7.5 figures! (I think the 0.5 figure is the pair of legs sticking out of the snow!) Find a baker, shoppers and kiddie figures.

Cheap Stocking Filler Christmas Lego Gifts for Kids

Want affordable Christmas Lego gifts? These can be found in the form of Lego stocking fillers which consist of simple figures from several specially-shaped Lego bricks such as Santa with sleigh, Xmas Train and Magnet Holiday Scene and even Lego Christmas baubles. What will they think of next? Edible Lego chocolates to hang from the tree would be nice! White chocolate, brown chocolate, green (mint chocolate) and red (strawberry). Methinks I will put this idea to Lego!

Christmas Lego key chains are also popular and provide ideal stocking fillers for kids. Find Santa Claus, Penguins and others.

Affordable Lego Gifts for Kids

Lego City Advent calendars provide a healthier alternative to their chocolate counterparts leading up to Christmas. Santa needs help. Open a door every day to find a mini figure or object to help get Santa out of his fix. Older kids may enjoy the Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar instead. But this still begs the question of whether to buy a Christmas Lego kit for the holiday season?

Cheap Lego Gifts for Kids on the Holiday Season

Festive Lego gifts get kids in the mood for Christmas, but according to Lego can be enjoyed all year round, as these festive bricks are compatible with other kits. Christmas trees can be made into a generic forest, light up bricks can be used for any snow scene, bakeries, horse & carts and post offices can be used to create any village. Of course, the pieces can be used again every Christmas when the festive mood takes kids. My kids combine several to create their own themes. This means Christmas Lego parts can be used for other scenes. Lego has certainly come a long way since the years of my youth!

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