Friday, 8 October 2010

Survival Guide on What to Buy an Old Person for Christmas

Having to buy a Christmas gift for an older person may tempt the grumpy gift buyer in me to cop out for bath salts, slippers, humbugs, woolly cardie or housecoat sporting wolves’ heads. But such advice is not helpful for those wishing to take the more sensitive route to finding the ideal Xmas present for a granddad, elderly aunt or a senior colleague at work. The following advice might help.

Christmas Presents for the Older Generation

Old Folks Jokes
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It is worth remembering that an elderly person was once young and has individual tastes like anybody else. If you are lucky enough to know of secret talents, passions or hobbies, be it painting, collecting antiques, archery or paragliding the Alps, a Christmas present that targets this area can seldom fail to please.

Humorous Gifts for Old Folks

But if you are lazy about gift buying like me and wish not to conduct research into an old person’s tastes, a humorous gift is a good alternative. Indeed, I have noticed plenty of great humorous books about being an old folk and find myself reading the dam things myself, as much of it relates to me, even though these books are not targeted to my age group.

A further suggestion is the bear in mind the time of year. Toe warmers, a novelty hot water bottle, a Slanket, Ug boots, a sun lamp, hair of the dog or deer hunter hat could well and truly be appreciated by someone who feels the winter months setting in at mid September (a bit like me then).

Christmas Gift Ideas for a Gran or Granddad

A present that reminds the person of his or her former youth is another choice. How about a Wii Fit or a snowboard? Or more seriously a nostalgic gift that brings back treasured memories. A scout through an antique shop or charity shop (don’t let on) may yield some hidden treasures not found in usual outlets such as a Royal Vale bone china tea set or a signed copy of a favoured first edition book. I have found such antiquated books signed by the author, which would be a bonus. If nicely giftwrapped, it provides a memorable and fitting gift for Christmas.

Novel Christmas Gift Ideas for Gran

If the older person wants to live for now, a treat at a Dove spa might be the ticket. There are loads of experience day gift ideas to be had for the older person who has everything, from jewellery making workshops to wine tasting experiences. The Ariel Atom experience could certainly blow away the cobwebs. These novel experiences start from just £30 or so.

What to Buy an Old Person for Christmas

Christmas gift buying for a senior citizen is one of my least savoury gift buying tasks, but Christmas provides extra opportunities for finding the ideal gift for a grandmother or great uncle. The time of year, for a start, as home comforts takes precedence. A nostalgic gift or one that echoes of a passion or hobby or an experience day is also likely to bring a little life and soul to the person. Failing that, go for the jugular and get a book that poke fun at getting old. One day, the recipient might be me (or even you). Save the slippers for another year.

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